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After having sealed a partnership with Too Good To Go in April 2021 for around twenty Manor Food supermarkets in Switzerland, Manor and the anti-waste company are strengthening their partnership by extending it to all 25 Manora restaurants, 2 restaurants Manora Pizza&Pasta and 9 Manora Fresh Take-aways To Go. The Bernese company reCIRCLE also comes into play by offering quality reusable food packaging.

The fight against food waste is an integral part of Manor’s sustainable development policy. The company recently signed, together with 27 other companies and organizations in the food sector, an intersectoral agreement with the Federal Secretariat for the Environment with the aim of halving avoidable food losses by 2030. To continue contributing to this goal , all Manora restaurants will now be featured on the Too Good To Go app, also in partnership with the company reCIRCLE, which designs reusable packaging and is the winner of the coveted “Swiss Economic Award” 2020: quality, homemade and local food at unparalleled prices in an environmental approach!

Every year, 2.8 million tonnes of food are thrown away in Switzerland. Manor wants to make its contribution to the fight against food waste by ensuring that Manora buffets remain attractive until the restaurant closes. The partnership with Too Good To Go, which so far has been established in 20 Manor Food supermarkets, is proving to be a great success: it has allowed to offer up to four different types of surprise baskets in the app, save more than 75,000 baskets and be added to the most favorites. than 103,000 times (June 2022 numbers). This is how the 25 Manora restaurants are also part of this partnership, as Jérôme Gilg, CEO of Manor explains: “The extent of this partnership with Too Good To Go and reCIRCLE was evident for all our Manora restaurants, which have always placed offering fresh, quality products containing locally sourced foods with original recipes and for every taste. We are happy to implement this important additional step against food waste with two dynamic and committed partners.”

How it works? Nothing could be simpler: just like in supermarkets, all you have to do is book your meal on the free Too Good To Go app by selecting the Manora restaurant of your choice. In addition to the four surprise baskets offered by Manor Food, users will now be able to choose between three surprise meal proposals at Manora: a vegetarian salad buffet, a fish/meat menu or a surprise dessert basket.

Surprise meal must be paid for directly in the app by credit card or TWINT, and must be picked up at a certain time, usually between 35-5 minutes before closing. Content depends on the day’s unsold items – if there are none, no meals will be offered for sale in the app.

To anchor itself in a more ecological and sustainable line, Manora meals will be served exclusively in reCIRCLE reusable boxes. This implies that customers pay a deposit of 10 francs on departure. They will thus benefit from a quality container, reusable hundreds of times and exchangeable for life or refundable at partner stores. 1,800 restaurants are already partners with reCIRCLE, which forms a network that allows airtight boxes to be exchanged in a closed circuit and reused anywhere and anytime in the country.

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About the Mansion

The largest group of department stores in Switzerland welcomes its customers to the most attractive places in the country and thus contributes to the liveliness of Swiss cities. At the same time, the company follows an omnichannel strategy (using and linking to stationary websites and online stores) and also operates an online marketplace for selected suppliers and brand partners on Manor AG, based in Basel, is represented in all regions of the country. The company employs approximately 8,000 people and currently trains 260 students. The Manor Group comprises 59 Manor department stores, 27 Manor Food supermarkets and 25 Manora restaurants. In total, Manor markets more than one million items from approximately 2,800 suppliers worldwide. Among these are nearly 700 local producers who supply Manor Food Markets with local and seasonal produce.

About Too Good to Go

More than a third of the food produced in the world is wasted. Too Good To Go’s mission is to inspire and empower everyone to fight food waste. The Too Good To Go app is the world’s largest platform connecting consumers and businesses – such as bakeries, restaurants, supermarkets and others – with the aim of reducing the volume of unsold and wasted food. Too Good To Go also raises awareness of this issue through campaigns and various actions, namely with the initiatives of Waste Warrior Brands (WAW Brands) and “Often bon après” in Switzerland. The company currently operates in 15 European countries, in addition to the US and Canada, and has been in Switzerland since 2018.

About reCIRCLE

reCIRCLE replaces disposable containers with higher quality, more environmentally friendly reusable containers made in Switzerland. reCIRCLE took its first steps in August 2016 with a network of 24 partner establishments. Six years after its launch, the network already has around 1,800 partner companies. The principle is as follows: in exchange for a deposit, and now also without a deposit through the app, customers buy their take-out meals in reCIRCLE BOX and their drinks in reCIRCLE ISY. reCIRCLE products can then be reused, refilled, exchanged or returned to partner establishments in the network.

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