up to 850 kilometers of autonomy and a probable arrival in Europe

After the ES8, ET7 and ET5, Nio introduces its second electric SUV, called the ES7. Available in several versions, it should arrive in Europe soon.

Could Nio be the future Tesla? If the Chinese company, created in 2014, is still far from Elon Musk’s company in terms of sales, it is nevertheless starting to occupy a very good place in the market, while your rating already surpasses that of BMW. Today, the range already has three models, namely a large SUV called ES8, as well as two sedans, ET7 and ET5, rivals of the Tesla Model 3 and Model S.

But the young brand is ambitious and wants to go even further, expanding its catalog and marketing its vehicles in Europe, which is already happening in Norway with the ES8. It is in this context that it has just been officially revealed the new Nio ES7, an electric SUV located under the ES8 and now available for pre-order in China.

a unique project

In its press release, Nio reveals its new SUV from every angle. If it boasts a front close to the other models in the line, with its small LED lights and its complete grille, the company specifies that this is the first time that the design language “Design for AD” is applied to an SUV, while the ES8 is distinguished by a very different and much busier face.

With a wheelbase of 2.96m, the new Nio ES7 is very livable, while the company describes its driving position as a “second living room”. If the brand does not specify whether or not it uses animal-derived leather in the driving position of the SUV, it nevertheless underlines the presence of an unusual material, namely hand-picked sustainable wicker and supplied by the German company Karuun. Note that the seats are heated, ventilated and massager, while the rear seat temperature can be adjusted between 23 and 31°.

A true concentration of technology

This new ES7 comes standard with the PanoCinema system, a digital device compatible with augmented reality and virtual reality. The Chinese company has also partnered with NREAL, a company specializing in this field, to design eyewear that can project a 201-inch screen at six meters. If Nio didn’t specify the precise functions of this technology, it should probably be used to display speed as well as navigation directly in front of the driver’s eyes.

As specified in the manufacturer’s press release, the electric SUV is also equipped with an autonomous driving system, which is expected to evolve over the years. Eventually, it will be possible to let the car drive itself without driver intervention on roads and expressways, but also in parking lots and battery replacement areas. For that, the ES7 is equipped with 33 sensors, including a LIDAR plus eight cameras.

a removable battery

If Nio didn’t elaborate in its press release, everything indicates that the new ES7 will be compatible with the battery change system designed by the brand, much faster than traditional charging. Already deployed in China in more than 500 stations and ready to arrive in Europe, this device allows you to replace the battery of one of the brand’s models in five minutes. All in an automated way.

About twenty stations are expected to be installed in Norway by the end of the year, while the brand’s first model to benefit will be the ES8 SUV. The new ES7 should therefore also be compatible with this solution, which is already very successful with over 4 million exchanges registered in China as of October 2021.

Range up to 850 kilometers

The brand’s first model based on the new NT 2.0 platform, the new Nio ES7 is available in several versions, with 75, 100 and 150 kWh batteries. The first two allow the electric SUV to travel 485 and 620 km respectively, according to the CLTC cycle used in China, which is more optimistic than our WLTP cycle. The latter, covering the range, allows itsrange a range of 850 km on a single charge. A performance that we also owe to the drag coefficient of just 0.263, while 0 to 100 km/h is reached in 3.9 seconds. No less than 10 driving modes are available.

Delivered as standard with air suspension, the new Nio ES7 is also capable of towing up to 2,000 kilograms thanks to the optional tow bar. It is also equipped with the V2L function. This makes it possible to use the energy stored by the vehicle to power electronic devices such as a coffee maker or hairdryer. Note that the SUV in its 150 kWh version must logically be equipped with semi-solid batteries, like the ET7 and ET5.

Nio ES7 2022

End of year launch

Now available for pre-order in its home market, the new Nio ES7 starts at $69,700, or around €66,960 at the current exchange rate, in its base version equipped with the 75 kWh battery. Two formulas will be proposed: the purchase and subscription of the battery. In the latter case, customers will have to pay $51,800, or approximately €49,764, while monthly battery payments are not yet known.

While the first deliveries are scheduled for the end of August in China for the 75 and 100 kWh versions, no date has been announced for Europe or the 150 kWh battery model. This model should not be available before the end of the year due to the use of a semi-solid battery, not yet ready.

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