key points and tips for a successful merchandising strategy

Attraqt specializes in Product Discovery, which allows e-commerce players to deliver the right products at the right time to their visitors. By combining data, research, merchandising and AI, the solution is able to implement complex strategies to improve visitor experience and increase conversion.

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The importance of merchandising in e-commerce strategies

E-commerce sites have thousands of referrals and are not always able to offer the right products, at the right time, to the right visitor. Merchandising should enable e-commerce players to set up the most fluid, efficient, and profitable shopping experience possible. Recommending the right products to your visitors based on their behavior is really essential for increasing click-through and conversion rates.

That’s what Attraqt offers thanks to a powerful solution designed for e-merchants. Attraqt’s algorithms are indeed capable of understanding which merchandising actions generate the most performance.

Deploying Attraqt presents many opportunities for retailers:

  • Increased efficiency and autonomy of merchandising teams. They no longer rely on a data scientist or agency to configure and test strategies.
  • A time saver for data teams who are no longer called upon to make simple changes to business rules or set up a last-minute promotion.
  • Seamless integration with all systems via APIs. Attraqt users therefore retain absolute control of their data.
  • Support in the implementation of strategies and business advice by a team of specialists, who work with very good references in retail.

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10 tips to improve your merchandising

1. Setting up scheduled promotions

You can encourage purchase action through scheduled promotions. You will thus be able to define the presentation of a sales collection of 20, 30 or 50% from a date that interests you. So your promotions can be tailored to your highlights or important market events.

2. Highlighting featured products

This strategy consists of placing a highly visible promotional banner on your homepage or listing page. It allows you to highlight the products you want to present particularly to your customers. With Attraqt, you can match the first product on this page with the one displayed on the banner. This makes it easier for visitors to purchase the products featured in your campaign.

3. Performance-based merchandising

A solution like Attraqt will also allow you to manage your merchandising based on performance. You can promote full-price products, high-margin items, or items with high inventory or high storage costs on your merchant website.

4. Show the extent of your catalog

It is important to show your customers that your catalog includes many references. So you need to balance the representation of different types of products. For example, in a recommendation block with 5 articles, you can display 1 women’s sweater, 1 women’s pants, 1 men’s sweater, 1 pair of men’s shoes, 1 top selling accessory…

Another interesting best practice: Show top selling products, but make sure they are all from a different brand or category.

5. Show rarity messages

Showing scarcity messages for products that are nearly out of stock will create fear of missing something important and spur action, especially with your undecided prospects. Using Attraqt, you can create a rule that displays the label “Last Items” or “More Than X Items” when an item is low on stock.

6. Balance best sellers and new products

It’s important to offer your visitors a mix of popular products and new products. Don’t just offer the best sellers at the top of the list, which would relegate new trends to less visible positions.

7. Rank products based on behavior attributes

It’s important to show your visitors the products that are most likely to interest them. With Attraqt, you will be able to offer your visitors products that are ranked based on their behavioral attributes. Specifically, if you know that ” buyers, who saw such a product, bought such a product“, so you can optimize your display.

8. Merchandise by collection

Another important lever to arouse the interest of your visitors: the possibility of displaying products in context so that the buyer can represent them as a whole. For example, you can suggest “looks” for fashion or “decor ideas” for everything related to the home world.

9. Customize content according to traffic sources

Attraqt is able to customize the shopping experience and content displayed according to the channel used by the shopper and their device. The goal is to offer an optimized omnichannel experience and personalize the purchase journey, whether it starts on desktop or mobile, in-store or online, on social media or via email.

10. Set up cross-sell

Another merchandising strategy you can put in place to optimize your sales and your average basket: cross-sell. It consists of activating recommendations for complementary articles in order to encourage the purchase of several products in a single order.

This is, for example, the strategy put into practice by the DIY website Maxoutil. By implementing Attraqt, merchants can automatically trigger recommendations in different areas of the site based on user interactions and the brand’s business goals. Attraqt is integrated throughout the customer journey to offer products at the right time: home page, product sheet, basket page, etc.

Thanks to Attraqt’s algorithms, these recommendations are ” intelligent“. On a product sheet for a drill sold without a battery or charger, Attraqt’s complementarity algorithms will display compatible and suitable batteries.

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