Supervan offers marketplace for express purchase of building materials

By the editor, June 13, 2022.

——————– PUBLICITY ——————–

——————– PUBLICITY ——————–

Supervan, a French start-up specializing in urban logistics and digitized transport of bulky products, today presents its new 100% online express purchase and delivery service for building materials: Breek.

When launched in 2016, Supervan had set itself the mission to democratize and digitize the transport of goods. Today, the start-up has won its bet by making transporting and delivering bulky products an experience as simple as ordering a VTC. Now, it goes even further by focusing on the digital experience of artisans, allowing them to buy materials through an app and receive it within 2 hours at their construction sites. Supervan offers, through its various services, the resolution of problems related to the lack of materials or tools, parking in urban areas or even compliance with Low Emission Zones (ZFE).

Facilitate the supply of materials to construction sites

The OECD noted that since 2001 many industries have gained an average of 50% in productivity. But as for the construction sector, on the contrary, it registered a 20% drop in productivity over the same period. How to explain this discrepancy? Even though the sector has recently been marked by innovation (BIM, monitoring software, etc.), there are still many obstacles to the effective adoption of new tools, which often end up without concrete results. One issue stands out in particular: the supply of materials to construction sites, which has become increasingly time-consuming. For example, construction sector VSEs/SMEs get their physical supplies from dealers an average of 14 times a month to their city locations. That’s a productivity gap of 4.5 man-months per company each year. So, to remedy this, Supervan has developed a platform dedicated to simplifying the daily lives of players in the sector: Breek. Specifically, Breek offers artisans access to a 100% digital e-commerce platform dedicated to construction materials, to order and deliver in a few clicks to their construction sites in less than 2 hours, all without subscription or commitment. “Breek is really simple and saves us a lot of time: firstly on all round trips for trading, but especially in case of lack of materials, it allows us to finish our day without having to come back the next day. », explains Jonathan Guillou, director of Johnrenov, a general contractor. Breek has a website and three apps: two for clients and one for traders. Breek also communicates via API with Supervan to be able to mobilize hundreds of partner carriers specializing in local delivery across the Île-de-France at the right time. Finally, to better meet the needs of artisans and facilitate their daily lives, Breek also joined a network of merchants. This allows artisans to have access to a wide choice of materials and brands, ranging from structural work to finishes, including heavy tools, and this, among thousands of references from the construction world.

A turnkey offer for merchants

To obtain supplies in a differentiated way and increase efficiency, the platform allows each key actor – artisans, merchants and transporters – to have a digital and ergonomic interface dedicated to the purchase and express delivery of heavy and bulky materials. For this, Supervan has developed a network with traditional players in regional and local commerce. The idea: to give traders the opportunity to reach new customers, without changing their habits. Breek thus digitizes its catalogues, while operating express deliveries for orders placed online. Thanks to Breek, Supervan offers a concrete and intuitive answer to traders, allowing them to accelerate the use of digital tools, while at the same time opening up to the opportunities offered by e-commerce. “Breek allows us to reach new local customers by digitizing our offering and offering express delivery. It’s no investment and no risk: Breek’s teams take care of everything, you just have to prepare the orders that arrive! », explains Guillaume Lallet, head of the Gedimat agency. At the same time, the platform also promotes more sustainable urban transport, relying on the proximity between traders and construction sites, to reduce the kilometers travelled. Through just-in-time orders, when necessary, Breek offers a concrete answer to the impossibility of storing products in urban areas, avoiding surpluses and waste of materials at construction sites. To support this approach, the start-up is only supplying Breek with its Crit’Air 1 and 2 vehicles. “Conceived as a market accessible to all, Breek demonstrates that the future of construction can be built through an alliance between physical and digital retail. We want to provide all players in the sector, but especially artisans, with a tool that allows them to increase productivity and efficiency on their websites »concludes Guillaume Fournier, founder and CEO of Supervan.

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