How quickly can you create a microenterprise?

A micro-enterprise is an ideal status for entrepreneurs who want to quickly start an activity. Its creation process is simple. How quickly can you create a microenterprise?

The microenterprise: a status created quickly!

To estimate the duration of the creation of a micro-enterprise, it is necessary to take into account some important criteria.

Deadline to declare yourself a microentrepreneur

To be recognized as a micro-entrepreneur, you must present a declaration file of your activity for CFE (Center for Business Formalities). If all documents are in compliance, the processing of your dossier takes approximately ten days. Otherwise, it will take longer to obtain your micro-entrepreneur status, as you will have to fill in the file with the missing documents. The safest and fastest way to upload your file to CFE is to do it online. Your order will be shipped in less than 24 hours and you can follow her online advance.

Deadline to obtain your SIRET number

The SIRET number is needed to operate. It is issued once all the steps to create your micro-enterprise are completed. This code must be entered on all documents issued by your self-employed company. To obtain it, you must complete an online application and provide some information to your CFE. The SIRET number is issued by INSEE and takes between 8 and 15 days to be available.

Deadline for receiving your SSI membership notification

The micro-entrepreneur must wait 4 to 6 weeks to receive the notification from the SSI (Social Security for Independent Workers). This notification is important because allows to perform the create your account online. Before declaring your first turnover, you will have to wait at least 90 days after the start of your activity. This allows the administration to prepare an online space for you with data related to the good start of your business.

How much money do you need to start a micro business?

Several costs come into play when setting up your microenterprise.

Registration fees and insurance

Registration is a completely free process for microentrepreneurs. However, there are some exceptions. If you work as a commercial agent, you must register with the RSCA (Special Register of Commercial Agents), which costs €24.79. For those who practice a craft activity, you can participate in a installation preparation course, although this process has simply become optional since 2019. This training is organized by the Chamber of Crafts and Trades and costs between 175 and 400 euros. The self-entrepreneur must take out professional insurance, as he is responsible for the damage caused in the exercise of his activity. Costs vary from company to company and you need to count on average 40 euros for good insurance.

Start-up and running costs

These are the different additional costs such as purchasing software, stationery and bills. There are also expenses related to travel, subscriptions (telephone, electricity) and communication tools. a budget of 200 euros Minimum per month for these expenses.

What are the steps to create a micro-enterprise?

To create his microenterprise, the microentrepreneur must take into account some details. He must provide supporting documents and perform certain procedures.

Declaration of your micro-enterprise

To declare your micro-enterprise, you must fill in a form depending on your profession. Thus, if you exercise a liberal profession, you must fill out a P0 PL form. For those who exercise a craft or commercial profession, this will be the P0 CMB Form that will need to be completed. finally, the AC0 form must be completed by commercial agents.

Domiciliation and opening a bank account for your micro-enterprise

The law obliges all micro-enterprises to have a physical address that must be communicated to the CFE. You have several options for this step. You can make direct debit to your personal address, on a commercial premises, in a domicile company or in a business incubator.

However, you are not required to open a bank account. This will only be essential if your turnover exceeds 10,000 euros for 2 years.

Register your microenterprise

After the creation of your micro-enterprise, the registration request is made automatically by the CFE. He does it with Trading Directory for workers engaged in craft activities. For those who carry out commercial activity, the registration is made in the Commercial and Companies Register.

Take out insurance for your small business

In some industries, it is mandatory to take out professional indemnity insurance. Is about :

  • regulated crafts (hairdresser, plumber, confectioner, etc.),
  • liberal professions (sports coach),
  • construction, construction and public works professions,
  • real estate activities,
  • personal care professions other than doctors and paramedics,
  • travel agencies,
  • automotive professions.

Taking out insurance for your microenterprise is important because it protects you from the risks associated with your activity, it is important for the prosperity of your microenterprise.

How long does it take to develop a successful microenterprise?

As soon as you create your micro-enterprise, you need to manage it well on a day-to-day basis for your business to thrive. For this, it is necessary to have some key points which are: visibility, performance management and activity booster.

Visibility for your microenterprise

Regardless of the size of your micro-enterprise, you must communicate well to make it visible. This involves creating a good quality and presentable logo, The creating a professional websiteetc. All these tools allow you to advertise your business and increase your income over time.

Performance Management

Good management is very important for the success of your micro-enterprise. It consists of better managing your activity (sales, purchases and provision of services) and your customers. By taking good care of your customers, they will be satisfied and trust you. This constitutes a very good publicity for the company. You should put into practice the best tips to simplify your customers’ lives and retain them. For example, take out ten years insurance reassures the customer and protects your business at the same time.

Boost your business

To increase your income, you need to think about create some secondary activities related to your sector and develop them. To do this, you must visit matchmaking sites frequently. You can also try teleprospecting, which is a good way to supplement your monthly income.

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