Corporate events: the 3 main specialized agencies

ANDFor this, we can count on the many agencies present in the territory, namely EDDY HERVE, Ozécla and Aerokart.

EDDY HERVE: When Events Serve Marketing

Since 2018, the EDDY HERVE agency, named after its co-founder, has been combining marketing and events to allow its clients to grow their clientele. In the beginning, the agency was mainly focused on marketing, with the creation of websites, the development of graphic letters and even targeted communication strategies. Its clientele consisted mainly of large commercial centers.

But little by little, EDDY HERVE wanted to successfully diversify. Today, the agency creates the event for shopping malls, but also for VSEs and SMEs. This can range from the Christmas tree, to a contest in collaboration with an influencer, to the establishment of pop-up stores. However, its performance, focused on the commercial development of its customers, does not make it forget the environmental and animal cause. In addition, EDDY HERVE and Lara Baptista, co-founder of the agency, promote digital events, contribute to environmental associations through their actions or voluntarily organize events for various foundations.

To call EDDY HERVE, nothing could be simpler: his offices are located in Paris and Lyon. But its actions cover the entire territory and all sectors of activity. In addition, the agency recently supported a new brand in the wellness sector: Encens et Rituel.

Ozécla: laughter and good humor at the heart of your events

Created in 2005 by Edwina Girard, Ozécla offers many humorous services. Its offer has the particularity of adapting to all situations, including the most delicate and serious. Its advantage: bringing fun and de-dramatizing all contexts.

Thanks to the talent of its comedians, all part-time artists, Ozécla organizes events and team-buildings either for an evening or a plenary session. Their services range from hoaxes with fake undercover collaborators, to the humorous sketch workshop, to blind auditions in live music or even bespoke humor sets for companies. Listing everything the agency is capable of arranging would be too long. But we will particularly remember the parts of the murder: immersive investigations where collaborators, as a team, question the actors. Cohesion is always present!

Ozécla is also a training center, an event venue in Paris 18, a webseries and board games published by Larousse. This agency won the best animation award in 2018 at the Heavent fair. More than 300 French companies challenged Ozécla.

Aerokart: emotions at the heart of events

For 20 years, the Aerokart welcomes its clients in its high standard and multi-activity leisure complex, located in Argenteuil. It must be said that the services are particularly attractive: indoor go-kart track and free fall in the wind tunnel, the first in France.

But the offer of the complex does not stop there. Emmanuel Moinel Delalande, always willing to offer only the best, launched in 2016 a new activity: Winscape. A giant escape game on 1000m2 of surface with incredibly realistic futuristic decorations. In 2018, he goes further by integrating virtual reality into his leisure activities.

All this with first class services offered in one of the seven reception rooms that can accommodate up to 650 people, including an adapted catering service. During these events, it is quite possible to diversify activities with, for example, a giant table football, a sumo wrestling match or a mechanical rodeo.

Activities that will not fail to be enriched on the occasion of the company’s 20th anniversary. Something to federate any business team or have fun with individuals. Whatever the objective, the event remains an effective way to energize and bring your teams together, leaving lasting memories among the participants. So, for these moments to be successful, Eddy Hervé, Ozécla or Aerokart will be your best allies.

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