Cognitive and affective neurosciences at the service of companies!

HASToday, she is regularly on stage, whether in theaters or at business seminars, in France and abroad, and the positive reception is unanimous. She still transmits the art of conf-show with Loïc Landrau, journalist, inside the Soham Factory, to whom she takes a message and wants to convey it touching people’s hearts.

Before going to acculturate the general public, Claire Stride is a first consultant in relational and emotional intelligence, trained in particular in neurocognitive and behavioral approaches. Simply put, it allows everyone to understand the ingrained mechanisms that influence decision-making, relationships with emotions, relationships with oneself and with others. She mainly works with executives, managers and their teams, freelancers, top athletes, top chefs, coaches, etc. to get them out of stuck situations in which they are stuck: crisis, conflicts, recruitment difficulty, employee commitment, legitimacy, relationship with money, fear of the future, resistance to change, team loyalty, good understanding of employees, management of aggression, place of emotions at work, understanding of neuroatypical and hypersensitive profiles, for example.

A neuropedagogue, she recalls that neurosciences are also essential in everything that concerns the transmission of knowledge and softskills. The great power of neuropedagogy is to make knowledge accessible to everyone according to their specificities. An international speaker, Claire offers companies, training organizations and education actors the neuroscience “tricks” to facilitate learning for everyone, both face-to-face and remotely. This is also the ambition of UskillZ, a project it is carrying out with Numix, to promote the knowledge and use of neurosciences in companies, prevent psychosocial risks and make people understand the richness of neurodiversity. The first module “Learning to learn online” has already helped thousands of students around the world.

Why be interested in neuroscience at the level of your work?

Because what matters most is YOU, your well-being, your fulfillment so that everything in your life, both professional and personal, is as you wish. If our upbringing taught us to come last, it’s time to put a stop to this nonsense and give yourself all the consideration you deserve. Whether you are an employee, manager, freelancer, unemployed, project leader, you have value. Not seeing, not allowing yourself to look at yourself as you look at the people you love and admire, always asking yourself more, that’s “being stupid”. Cognitive (related to learning) and affective (related to emotions) neurosciences are fabulous levers to become proud and happy for being who you are, fully. We have something amazing, our neuronal plasticity. This is what allows us to change the connections that exist in our brain and truly reprogram ourselves to overcome what makes us suffer and slows us down in all areas of our lives. You have the right to have fun in your professional life, to help change the lines, to shine your leadership. To take care of your box and your teams, start by taking care of your neurons.

In addition to support and training, Claire Stride also offers online training.

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  • And here ladies, a program just to see, to reveal your inner power and assert yourself in all circumstances!

We will always be someone’s asshole, it seems inherent in our human nature and doesn’t really matter. What matters is how you look at yourself, your actions, your projects and those around you. By understanding how your brain works, you will definitely be less stupid… or sane!

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