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We are at the end of a cycle.” The statement by Jean-Claude Lamoureux, Executive Director of Sopra Steria Next, presents the consultancy’s latest manifesto entitled “The company is no longer what it produces, but what it promises”. transformations that have already begun, but often timidly developed by companies and public bodies.

We are facing several simultaneous transitions: environmental, digital, skills, societal expectations, sovereignty, distribution of production sites. And everyone is connected“continues the pilot of this consultancy specializing in digital transformation that directs large public and private accounts on the way to the next company”,an agile, curious and respectful company that will have managed to consolidate trust with its customers and stakeholders and demonstrate ethics in all its decisions and actions, whether with its employees, customers or external partners“.

Support from a large group, establishment in the region

In the ultra-competitive digital transformation consultancy market, Sopra Steria Next stands out for its large team of 1,900 consultants in France and 3,400 in Europe, all dedicated to digital transformation. A great asset against the competition, they benefit from the attack force of the Sopra Steria Group, one of the European leaders in consulting, digital services and software publishing, which has more than 47,000 employees in 25 countries and which has reached a turnover of 4 €.7 billion in 2021. The company also stands out for its strong regional roots, thanks to seven offices located in Aix-en-Provence, Bordeaux, Lyon, Lille, Toulouse, Nantes and Niort.

Each of them has specialties depending on the clients’ business sectors. The Lyon office specializes in the transport sector to support the SNCF, but also in energy (EDF, Engie), and industry (Airbus, Thales, Safran) or even in the banking sector (Crédit Agricole). Launched in 2019, the new Sopra Steria Next brand prompted teams to ask themselves a series of questions about the role of a transformational consultancy today, the role of the consultant, and the nature of support or accountability to employees, customers and partners towards the organization. society.

Malika Kaoua, Director of Brand and Customer Experience at Sopra Steria Next, summarizes the approach that led to this result: “Companies understand that they must always and always provide more services to attract and retain their customers. To this end, they generalize and use digital technology on a large scale and open up to partners to complete their basic offer. This is what we call a promise-centric business.“, he explains in a book entitled Les sous des marques, published in 2021 by Éditions Ellipses.

Innovation is not an end in itself

To respond to the new situation that shakes companies, Sopra Steria Next has unfolded its value proposition into six pillars: designing the foundations of the company focused on the promise, affirming its brand through the customer experience, “making management more agile” and engage employees in customer service, increase operational performance tenfold, make data a revolutionary lever, and ultimately design “IS as a Service.” The company expanded its offering in May 2021, internalizing the “strategic design” expertise. Led by Olivier Lacour, former director of design at Canal+ and Cisco, the team has a holistic approach based on the experience of both the customer and the employee or partner.

Endowed with a true vision of the “next world”, Sopra Steria Next bets that innovation is not an end in itself, but that it must serve complex and critical use cases. That is why, in addition to its missions and recommendations, Sopra Steria Next has created a mechanism for reflection and action to identify and experiment with its customers and ecosystems (partners, academics, researchers, think tanks, business circles…) themes of tomorrow in connection with ongoing transformations. For this, the office has a work of prospection, analysis of future trends, co-construction and experimentation with its clients, allowing to test and enrich the company’s fundamentals according to , which Sopra Steria Next calls “the company focused on the promise “: a company that must differentiate itself much more by its promise than by its products.

An integrated digital expertise center

Whether business, managerial or technological, the issues present in the strategic agenda of companies and public structures must be constantly reviewed and updated in the face of profound changes in the market and society. In order to face the new “digital native” companies (start-ups, fintech, etc.), which, through their performance and their “lighter” and therefore agile model, are able to adapt to the new business situation by adapting to faster, Sopra Steria Next helps traditional companies adopt innovative operating models such as advanced automation (AI and RPA), platform generalization and focus on their core business, transferring added value from low-cost activities to third-party operators .

To help companies accelerate their digital transformation, Sopra Steria Next created CED, a center of digital expertise whose mission is to generate new sources of value using the best technologies and proven methods on the market. With very different backgrounds and professions, the CED teams (200 people in total) offer a holistic view of digital and a perspective on how to carry out transformations in different sectors of activity. CED’s areas of intervention are at the crossroads between corporate IT, the best of technology and the reinvention of economic and organizational models.

Ana Sofia David

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