Five tons of waste collected in one morning off the coast of the port basin

The press release:

On this Monday of Pentecost, it was on the coast of the Porto pier that the employees of the Professional Pole of the Ravate group were appointed to clean up the area. In fact, this solidarity initiative was organized with the association PropRéunion, which works for the protection of the Réunion environment, but also intervenes within the scope of the world environment day celebrated on June 5th. This cleaning action was, therefore, the ideal opportunity for the employees of the Pro division to raise awareness about environmental issues, strengthening the team spirit and mutual help of the Reunionese group.

The massive attendance in this area of ​​Porto is not without consequences for its cleanliness, but also for its ecosystem. In order to permanently improve the quality of this privileged place for the Reunionians, respecting sustainable development, it is necessary to maintain this area regularly. That’s why on Monday, June 6, 2022, through a social action, the Ravate group joined forces with volunteers from the PropRéunion association to raise awareness of their employees about environmental issues related to waste.

Abdoullah Ravate, CEO of Ravate PRO, who has given his support to date, adds: “I would like to thank all those who made this day a success in terms of preserving the environment and raising awareness among our teams. . A special word to PropRéunion but also to Sabrina, the project manager, as well as to all the teams that masterfully led this operation, mobilizing 200 employees. I take this opportunity to warmly thank you and invite you to make each day a celebration of the environment”.

Reshad Ravate, General Manager of the Professional Division of the Ravate group, in turn, highlighted “As a major economic player on the island, it is essential for us to be a model in terms of sorting waste for better use”. For his part, Olivier Hoarau, mayor of the city of Le Port, wishes to welcome this initiative, which is part of the social responsibility of the Ravate group at the local level. “We see volunteers present who mobilize to demonstrate that their interventions in the economic society are also important in the daily life of society and I invite other companies to do the same”, adds the mayor Portois.

Equipped with bags and gloves, the employees of the company péi, motivated by the vital importance of this voluntary action, were entitled to all the well-organized logistics so that this morning was effective. Coming from the four corners of the island, they came together with great determination to get their hands dirty to restore the coast of Porto to its former glory. Matthias Commins, president of the PropRéunion association, is very pleased with this first collaboration carried out together with Ravate: “Our slogan is ‘together for a cleaner island’ and the Ravate group fully adheres to it. It is important that we join forces to achieve a common objective, which is the cleaning of Réunion. With that in mind, the protection of the environment is mainly done through actions in the field so that employees can directly observe the pollution on site”, continues Matthias Commins.

After this successful cleaning, a weighing was carried out to see the result of the work of the entire team at the Polo Ravate Professional. Finally, more than 5 tons of waste collected in a single morning. “When we see the amount of waste that we have collected and that would have landed in the lagoon, we are happy to have contributed to safeguarding our environment in an admittedly humble way and with our limited means. “, welcomes Reshad Ravate.

About today’s collection:

During this half day of collection, participants collected as follows:
– 5 tons of waste, including 475.5 kg destined for landfill,
– 64.5 kg of recyclable plastic bottles,
– 117 kg of glass bottles,
– 4.2 tons of tires, metals, bulky objects, household appliances and electrical cables.

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