CAPEB 71 launches StartBÂT, its new business creation support service…

CAPEB 71 gathered its economic and institutional partners on June 9, 2022 to present them with a preview of the official launch of StartBÂT, its brand new system to support the creation of companies in the construction sector.

To successfully start a business…

Starting a construction business is a great adventure. But to be successful, you need to be well prepared and, above all, be accompanied. Construction is indeed a sector with strong specificities and becoming a construction entrepreneur cannot be improvised. It’s a profession and a commitment! So, to give creators every chance of success and guide them on their journey, CAPEB 71 created StartBÂT.

What is it about ?

StartBÂT is an “A to Z” support system, created by CAPEB 71, to help create a successful construction company. It is a tool of the profession designed by artisans for future artisans. It is business-oriented and responds to all the specifics of the construction sector that you need to know when setting up a store… StartBÂT is aimed both at project leaders who plan to create, and at young people who want to verify that they the right choices.

A 100% innovative building device!

StartBÂT is a global support service that revolves around an innovative web platform that is at the heart of the system. The StartBÂT platform includes a lot of practical information for developers, but also and above all a simulator with calculators that will allow them to test and build their project on solid foundations.

With StartBÂT, creators will have physical support, a method, a simulator and a course 100% focused on construction.

Close support…

With StartBÂT, the creator benefits from individual and/or group support with other creators. He progresses at his own pace on the platform and, at each stage, he has the support of CAPEB 71 advisors who help him at all stages.

As part of the StartBÂT support, creators can also follow the 2-day “CREARTBAT” training course, fully integrated into the system. At the end of the StartBÂT course, the creator masters the mechanisms that will allow him to manage his business well. And when it’s ready, StartBÂT publishes its COMPANY ARCHIVE with a summary of your project, your simulations, your start-up forecast and your choice of status. He is ready to introduce you to his banker, his accountant and all the partners he wants to work with. It is a guarantee of trust and seriousness for your company!

An evolving tool that comes from the field…

StartBÂT was fully imagined and designed by CAPEB 71 and its partners: Yves ALTOBELLI, training consultant, specialist in building construction business creation, and Céline LEFEVRE, from WEBSENSO, who developed the web part of the system. CAPEB 71 sincerely thanks you for your investment and professionalism.

To conceive this project, CAPEB 71 started from the needs of the field, from the testimonies of its members, in particular from young creators, their expectations… CAPEB 71 will develop its system whenever necessary, based on feedback from experience, observations and advice from users of its partners to better meet the expectations of business builders. StartBÂT is also a registered trademark, property of CAPEB 71.

A word from Denis GUIGUE, President of CAPEB 71:

Why did CAPEB launch StartBÂT?

“CAPEB is the professional organization of construction craftsmen! We have on our side the representation and expertise in civil construction and we want to meet the needs and expectations of our associates and future associates… CAPEB 71 also has experience in supporting construction companies throughout its life. : we have many services, effective training, partners who also have solutions. And as an employers’ organization, we want to promote the quality of craftsmanship. It was therefore normal for us to invest in the area of ​​business creation in construction.

And then, with the micro-enterprise, the outstanding work, the end of the stage prior to installation, unfortunately for several years we have witnessed the emergence of a “low-cost entrepreneurship” with creators who launch themselves without always mastering the fundamentals of commerce, nor of management… This also results in difficult paths, even downtime, disasters and construction disruptions…

The craft that CAPEB 71 defends and promotes is independent craftsmanship, quality, modern, efficient, at the service of its customers… regulations… People who start should more than ever leave with the right tools… These are the reasons why we created StartBÂT… »

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