Why does your company need salary and program cards?

The company Wallester, active in the banking technology sector, aims its products at a target audience such as companies. It is an Estonian payment institution that develops fintech solutions.

Wallester issues white-label Visa cards. It is also a payment service provider specializing in offering transaction processing services on an all-in-one model. Different types of businesses can benefit from a wide range of different solutions and individual approaches that are offered.

Thus, Wallester offers a revolutionary new product with a variety of flexible and useful functions. The company’s goal is to improve and bring Wallester solutions to businesses and corporations around the world with the help of partner Visa. Product customizations and adaptation possibilities are numerous, which is a great advantage for customers, having a large choice possible.

Wallester CEO, Founder and Chairman Sergei Astafjev announced that his mission is to make bank card accessibility easier than ever before. And the company’s product is on its way to getting there! Wallester strives to develop and improve its products and meet customer demands.

The collaborations that the company develops are also strategically interesting. For example, Wallester partners with Visa and has been a member of the Visa FinTech Fast Track since 2018. This enables the issuance of physical and virtual cards such as debit, credit, prepaid and business cards. They can be customized, namely through different materials. Visa Gold, Platinum, Signature or Infinite ranges are also available, as in traditional banks. Contactless digital payment solutions Google Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and many others are included in the solutions offered by the company.

Through its network, Wallester has participated in events such as Dubai IFX EXPO and AIBC Summit Europe. This very extensive network makes it possible to increase the company’s competitiveness and visibility.

Wallester’s popular products are currently Wallester Business and White-Label. These two solutions are described below.

Wallester White Label Solution

To produce white label cards, there are easily usable program solutions, promising fast issuance. As with any commercial enterprise, a customer relationship management system, usually CRM, has the advantage of working in real time on payments. The company also offers the possibility of using mobile applications that allow customers to easily manage their cards.

The Wallester white label solution is therefore a complete ecosystem, catering to the individual needs of client companies. This individualization brings a high quality in the answers provided. Individual customers and companies in the financial and non-financial worlds can find products that meet their needs at Wallester. In fact, the white label card is a store card issued by a brand. It is then possible to place the brand logo on the card. The latter can also be offered in physical or virtual form and take the form of a prepaid or debit card. can be placed on it. Customers receive an exclusive product that reflects their business and can use it in different markets.

Corporate Card Solution: Wallester Business

This product created just for business is highly coveted and useful to its users. In fact, corporate cards can be issued with the ability to place individual limits and accounting services. This has the advantage of better managing the company’s finances internally. Wallester Business, through its mobile application, allows centralized management of company expenses.

A ready-to-use solution that Wallester developed thus responds to several key challenges such as the creation of corporate cards (their physical and virtual issuance linked to an IBAN), the control of expenses incurred and the monitoring of transactions. limits, the approval of payments, the confirmation of purchase requests from employees, the purchase of media or even the instant issuance of virtual cards for the purchase of online advertising, billing via an accounting management system, possibility of integration via API.

Bonuses such as Visa Platinum benefits are available. They include, for example, a reward for employees and the company, with a salon key, access to more than 1000 salons on a business trip, customer support and special offers in spas, shops and restaurants.


Being able to use bank cards created specifically for the needs of customers such as companies, linked to the financial sector, for example, has been increasingly requested in recent years. The customization of solutions is a quality asset and an advantage that Wallester can present to demonstrate to its customers the solutions it offers. Its products are also destined to evolve to meet customer expectations evolving with society’s technological and economic changes.

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