Cryptocurrency arrives at Beaugrenelle

In front of the entrance to rue Linois there is a discreet sign with the inscription: “Cryptocurrency settles in Beaugrenelle”. The spectators’ heads turn to the sign in amazement. Behind this phrase is an unprecedented operation carried out by the shopping center in partnership with start-up Lyzi, allowing its cryptocurrencies to be transformed into vouchers. Something to attract the attention of passersby. “I saw 3, 4 curious customers who asked me what Lyzi is”, confirms a shopkeeper installed next to the panel. The game “hunting for cryptocurrencies”, which promises a small reward to participants, piques the curiosity of customers even more.

The team that organized this animation set up a pop-up store, which runs until July 8, on the first floor of the Beaugrenelle shopping centre. A small booth displaying large cryptocurrency logos is next to the stairs leading to the second floor. “The shopping center offers you a 10% bonus if you download our app”, proclaims Damien Patureaux, founder of Lyzi, the (very) young start-up that launches its app this Wednesday.

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The enthusiasm is there, despite the somewhat chaotic start. “We had an electricity problem this morning. The lights and screens didn’t work”, confide the pop-up store’s animators. But the whims of the show didn’t discourage the team at this ten-person start-up. Sébastien Estines, Lyzi’s commercial director, confesses that he is really happy because “we sold our first card this morning!”. But what is this famous card?

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