The local economy of the Vichy basin (Allier) wants to recover as soon as possible

No Sunday and no holiday for the businessmen of the Vichy basin after the hailstorm that devastated everything in its path, from Saturday night to Sunday.

“I didn’t expect to find so much damage,” says Clément Mornac, co-manager of Crocbio, in Cusset. When I returned to the office, I saw a ceiling tile on the floor, then others in the hallway leading to the store where there was a disaster. »A bailiff came to see the damage at the Crocbio store in Cusset.
Hallways, shelves and cold rooms are covered with water and porridge slabs on the ceiling. Cardboard windows filled with bottles of lemonade or organic cookies collapsed.

“My first thought was to say that we will not open on Tuesday, continues Clément Mornac. We don’t know where we’re going. The fibro roof is perforated, the owner does not respond. We’re in the dark, waiting for the expert after the bailiff’s visit. We have ten people in technical unemployment. »

more tarps

It was also on Sunday morning that Cédric Planche, deputy director of the Bricomarché de Cusset, discovered that water had invaded the reserve and the store after the smoke extraction hatches gave way. After covering the attic windows, he was on duty from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm on Sunday to serve the professionals with a 5 x 8 m plastic tarp that was ripped off yesterday morning, so that at noon he had none left, such as foam pumps, adhesive rolls, Plexiglas sheets and stretch film.Cédric Planche, deputy director of Bricomarché in Cusset, shows the exhibition gates broken by hail.

Franck Allilaire found forty broken skylights at his Cusset promotional items company, “We blocked the roof windows and cleaned with the employees so that production could resume on Tuesday”, describes the CEO who met yesterday with the head of a roofing company.

dry storage

It will also be back to work this morning for employees at Califil, a metallurgical subcontracting company, also in Cusset. “We had leaks at the factory, but we didn’t close because we work with employees on Sunday and Monday to clean up. We had mainly damage to the fiber cement sheet storage buildings that exploded, explains Régis Alauzen, site manager. We are looking for storage areas for our boxes and components that will get wet again in the next few days. We are looking for capital to install them in the perforated buildings. »

After astonishment, action time for Vichy agglo (Allier)

At Valmont France, in Charmeil and specializing in the manufacture of poles for public lighting, the damage was located in the production area. “The buildings on the production lines are badly damaged,” confirms François Fayet, the director. With our subcontractor in charge of roof maintenance, we are looking at how to intervene quickly because we are talking about 10,000 m² of canvas. We are waiting for this intervention to resume under the best conditions”In the parking lot of the Citroën dealership in Cusset belonging to the Dallois group, a hundred vehicles were affected.
Sunday morning, consternation reigned in the parking lot of the Citroën dealership in Cusset, owned by the Dallois group. “The entire outdoor park was hit by hail with broken mirrors and windshields. We have a hundred vehicles, reckons Guillaume Dallois, the director. For the building, the roof leaked and the false ceilings collapsed in places. We are still opening this week after a major cleaning to welcome customers whose windshield needs replacing. The defusers have already been warned and we are going to reinforce the bodywork teams. »

Damage after storms: firefighters at the head of the roof of the Vichy Opera (Allier)

At Renault, in Bellerive-sur-Allier, the consequences were limited because the storage car park is covered with anti-hail nets. “Only a few vehicles that were on the side were affected, as well as the rental cars that were in Vichy. All new and used inventory is protected, explains Jean-Michel Marron, managing director of Bony Automobiles Bellerive. The building was hit, but we managed to open it. There are many people who have already left their cars that no longer have windshields and rear windows. We will take as many customers as possible to have their windshields replaced and then set up an appointment to have the dents repaired. We’ll send the vehicles to all the bodies in the group. »

Denis Lorut

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