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From a company with almost no real sales strategy, Sheryl Sandberg has shaped one of the most profitable businesses on the planet.

She is the most powerful woman in Silicon Valley. And for that alone, she is one of the most powerful in the world. Meta number two (ex-Facebook), Sheryl Sandberg announced, on the first day of June, her departure from the global digital giant, owner of Facebook and pioneer of the metaverse. Mark Zuckerberg’s trusted wife, her resignation is like the symbol of the sensational shift the group will now attempt… from one dimension to another.

Finally vacation! Asia, Europe… A solo world tour. Foot ! In 2008, four years after founding Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg gave himself his first vacation as a giant of the world. technology. While it’s not that easy, the 24-year-old then-Californian billionaire set out on an adventure with a clear head. Her blue and white jewelry, still new and almost revolutionary at the time, was well guarded. In Palo Alto, the mythical headquarters of the social network, Sheryl Sandberg, your faithful number two, watched the grain. A Google defector, Stakhanovista had just joined the company as chief operating officer. Zuckerberg, a man who wasn’t very quick to delegate, easily gave this woman more than ten years his senior all his trust.

a devastating set

Between these two but opposing intelligences, the current passed very quickly. For the little genius, digital and IT issues. Sheryl Sandberg, former vice president of Google, would handle “business” matters. Communication, advertising, legal… Very useful for a Mark Zuckerberg who gets lost quickly when he looks up to his algorithms. ” Sheryl “Since everyone in this world is called by their first name, it is also the essential relay for Wall Street and Washington. Useful connections. So Sandberg didn’t have that for long: She made Facebook the advertising ATM the company has become. The famous Machiavellian rule was erected: “It’s free: you are the product.” »

What made Facebook one of the most successful companies in the world

Too bad for the somewhat idealistic vision that once excited the tool’s designers. Halfway between surfer and geek, Facebook’s early developers dreamed of making it a place open to all, a tool to connect human beings with each other, a platform where capitalist values, while present, would not always win the part. With Sheryl Sandberg, everything changed: Facebook turned into a total consumerism that it should never leave. But the machine is working, and at full steam. If when he arrived, Facebook weighed 500 million dollars, now it’s 117 billion. The group also grew from 500 to 77,000 employees. And for users, again, it’s a journey from one dimension to another. Out of 100 million daily visitors, here we are at 3 billion, or more than a third of Earthlings. Only that.

Communicator for an outstanding company

From a company with almost no real sales strategy, Sheryl Sandberg has shaped one of the most profitable businesses on the planet. All with the risk of shortness of breath and even exhaustion. The company’s image deteriorated from year to year. The giant Facebook was implicated, as was the Schedules, “electoral interference in the UK, USA and other countries; on ethnic cleansing in Burma; in a terrorist case in New Zealand; disinformation campaigns during the pandemic crisis and the insurrection on Capitol Hill in Washington.” Beautiful history. Would toxic algorithms, driven to saturation by extremely aggressive commercial methods, eventually tire? Western users, younger in the lead, drop out and give up. Facebook, the figurehead, may well become the ball and chain of the group. Instagram, WhatsApp and the activities of the metaverse – brands also belonging to the Meta group – give shape to a more salient future.


Struggling with what the street newspaper described as “real exhaustion”, Sheryl Sandberg announced her departure quite voluntarily. Even if Zuckerberg undoubtedly only regrets it with one eye. The old duetists, over time, got a little irritated.

Sheryl Sandberg tended to look like a Facebook figure lost in the world of Meta. In short, it belonged more to the past than the future of the company, which is never a good sign, especially in digital where everything can quickly wither. Thus, she was not really associated with the group’s “metaverse” turn and the transformation of Facebook’s F into Meta’s M. Of Gafam for gamma… A revolution that will happen without her, starting in the fall, when she leaves the palm trees of Palo Alto for good. “The end of an era”, as Mark Zuckerberg himself admits.

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