Why introverts are better managers

Panache, a loud verb à la d’Artagnan and the look of a winner, Kylian or Rafa – for each of his idols. A boss who imposes. His outbursts of rage are feared and when he passes, in caïd mode, everyone looks down. Be careful, if he calls a member of his team, too bad for the sacrificed, the others are in his debt for not going to the question, medieval style of torture. However, his smile is not uncommon, it is sunny, seductive and even promotes those who show him their admiration, the chores ready for anything. When we arrive at the factory, joy illuminates us. The idea of ​​doing our eight hours fills us with happiness. A negotiator, this chef is a braggart who doesn’t hesitate to scrap until he wins. Appreciated by management. Recognizable from the job interview because he will be able to make people believe that it is HR who is applying and that he is the one who is recruiting. And yet, this manager profile is not necessarily the right one. Make way for you, the introvert. The exact opposite of the ultra-dominant alpha male. Gorgeous. terrifying.

Injunctions and norms for extroverts

“If after an intense day of meetings and work, you mostly don’t want to hear any more noise and retire in peace, you are probably introverted. more extroverts. It is estimated that there are between 30% and 50% of introverts in the world”, says Violaine du Boucher, coach (Hops Coaching) and trainer in management and soft skills. Not to be confused with shy (the fear of social judgment), when “introversion is a temperament linked to neurobiological functioning”. Bring on the introvert and forget about the extroverted manager mythology. “Manager is above all a description of positions, competences and responsibilities”, redirects the specialist. And among the qualities of the introvert, doubt. “Helps find solutions to complex problems.” There are others. “Introverts appease extroverts”, overcoming any preconceptions. “Able to tap into the extrovert’s reservoir of ideas, channel them, and drive implementation of what feels most relevant and effective upon analysis.” But the question is whether the introvert wants to become a manager. “He will have to take into account the amount of energy he will have to give him in his new functions and guarantee recharge times. , choose yours and change the paradigm. He won’t need to indulge in inspirational speeches that may not look like him. It can even lose impact.” Be a team facilitator – especially in meetings – rather than a facilitator. Very humble and little concerned with rewards, must also adapt to singularities “and don’t forget to congratulate and value, in particular profiles that are particularly motivated by this type of recognition”.

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The “2R”: Results and Retention

Managing is learned. “An introvert, therefore, will learn rituals, instructions for use and, above all, he will have to know himself to tell his team how he works. For example, that he cannot be available all the time”, indicates Cédric Watine, entrepreneur, creator of the podcast. the tools of Manager. “One of the big flaws he has to fight is his appetite for data: he never has enough and sometimes takes a long time to make a decision. Hence the importance of getting help from the collective.” But, for the expert, “the introverted manager usually achieves his goal, the “2Rs”: results and retention. For the second item, it is to be able to keep a team, to avoid turnover”. Working sufficiently upstream on personalities so that they flourish with it, in particular by offering them real autonomy. “This will give the ‘dominant’ the opportunity to shine and the ‘influencer’ to communicate.” Your absence of anger or emotion is comforting. According to Cédric Watine, teams often prefer to work with an introverted manager who listens to them. “On the other hand, managements often have a biased view and are wrong when they favor the manager who wants to shine and crush everyone!”


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