Sharvy makes flex-office easy with a multi-service business concierge app.

Sharvy has become the daily workmate of 45,000 users, large accounts, communities and SMEs. This is the beautiful story of a French start-up, born in Montpellier in 2018, which now runs internationally…

55% of companies would consider moving to flexible office in the near future, primarily to reduce costs associated with renting office space.

An identical, customizable application core for quick commissioning

The telework/face-to-face mix has become a desideratum of workers in the tertiary sector since the health crisis. For businesses, it’s a new organization to master, new tools to deploy, but ultimately a potential reduction in real estate costs… Sharvy is riding this shift in practices. By positioning itself as an organizational facilitator, which brings together supply and demand, parking spaces, workstations, spaces in the collective restaurant, Sharvy is integrated in many current or future projects of transformation and relocation of companies.

A new corporate pact was accelerated by the health crisis. On the one hand, employees are in favor of teleworking, the 4-day week, and on the other, companies are reducing their m2 and reorganizing floors. Both parties gained an advantage, more autonomy on the one hand, lower real estate costs on the other. The trend is well defined, with a questioning of the classic spatial organization, of the “one person, one office” scheme, the literature on the topic of organizations and real estate offices demonstrates this abundantly. Companies – in any case, already in large groups – are heading, in the context of their workspace remodeling projects, towards a ratio of 0.8 office/employee, or even 0.6… 2 people! Impossible without a management tool that monitors the organization…

“Each new client has its way of working and its real estate configuration, but the general logic of optimization is identical. We provide a turnkey solution, our customizable application allows you to tailor-make. Employee adhesion is therefore quick, as it is simple and practical to use”, explains Stéphane Seigneurin, CEO of Sharvy. “Organizations typically first deploy Sharvy for parking management and increasingly generalize its use and deploy the tool to workspaces and canteens. »

The flex-office has become a true alternative model. In principle, it should allow employees to decide to settle wherever they want, in the space that best suits their needs and their daily tasks. Even so, there has to be space, the workstation has to be free, so it has to be controlled and monitored at the very least… Ditto in parking lots! However, thanks to Sharvy, it is 30% of the additional capacity of the car parks that is recovered thanks to its algorithm that reallocates the places of absent employees – external meetings, vacations, illnesses, RTT…
“Sharvy gives the user the option to release or reserve a space in advance. “, explains Stéphane Seignerin. “Parking is once again a common asset, managed in a collaborative way: when you plan to be away, you free up your place in the app, it is made available to colleagues. An empowering attitude, respectful of the community, which makes it possible to improve coexistence. In addition, the company offers access control without having to manage badges! »

Originally? The COVID health crisis forced companies to take into account the occupancy rates of workspaces when returning to the employer’s location. Sharvy expands its application in a few weeks around its expertise in optimizing parking spaces. It is developing a function dedicated to the offices. The bespoke, ready-to-use, easy-to-deploy application was born in response to an exceptional situation. Its first adherents are called Merck Laboratories, or Nestlé… Months passed, and getting back to the office was not so easy… Especially since in some employers, the residents managed to change their face in the meantime, with removals, works of renovation or consolidation of the site carried out during the health crisis. They offered a return to “normal” in spaces that we found to be a little, even a lot, altered. Not to mention that, in some cases, the work continued… This is the case of a world leader in flooring in La Défense…

During the squatted work phase, workspaces move as locations evolve and some become inaccessible. Having an app like Sharvy allows you to book your office and know where to land before you even arrive. Very useful when last week’s office no longer exists, the partitions have fallen, the electricity is no longer connected there… Faced with the dreaded chaos, the HR department and general services are offering employees an application that allows them to anticipate where can work without wasting time, without hassle, having access to a fully functional office.

And it’s not over….

Another field of application, the canteen: because the 50% reduction in food waste is the obligation established on January 1, 2022 by the anti-waste law for a circular economy (Egalim), for sectors of the food chain, including restaurants and collective restoration. Sharvy allows corporate catering to predict service. The manager can anticipate your orders and the meals to be prepared, thanks to the reservation indicated in Sharvy.

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