Jobfirst, the start-up that is based on skills and not on CVs

The start-up based in Luxembourg and Metz, whose French market represents 98% of its activity, has been focusing on non-executive roles for 4 years. Jobfirst’s mission is to eliminate the use of the classic CV, which has changed little in 50 years. The goal: to simplify and accelerate the recruitment process through an approach to qualifying skills, behaviors and prerequisites. But also to avoid discrimination against people without a degree or with little experience. The company thus helps recruiters to quickly find the right candidates, thanks to an artificial intelligence solution based on customized and/or modular scenarios, and much more fluid communication with candidates.

Maxime Belair, co-founder of Jobfirst, discusses the pros and cons of an innovative concept in the hyper-competitive recruitment environment.

Cityramag: Can you go back to the genesis of the Jobfirst adventure, please.

Maxim Belair: The project started with Philippe Valoggia, my partner, who is CEO with 25 years of experience in HR. The latter worked, for example, for Suez before setting up his headhunter company. For my part, I have been in the digital ecosystem for 15 years. We have known each other for 4 years and discussed his project to simplify access to employment. For him, we were still in the “paper map” era in an industry that just needed to be modernized.

22,000 recruits for Amazon

We therefore opted for an approach where we eliminate the use of CVs, moving to work on skills matching tools that open the door to employment with fewer barriers, as creating a CV remains an obstacle to entry. of many people. We are focused on non-management professions, which we can call “blue collar”, which does not mean that these professions are not qualified. This is an important subtlety, because a bricklayer can, of course, be very skilled. Our solution also allows for highlighting candidates who have difficulty presenting themselves. These people may do the job perfectly and be super motivated, but mastering the computer tool, highlighting their background or skills can be a disservice.

Based on this premise, we had the chance to work quickly with Adecco for Amazon, for which we did 22,000 recruitments and over 100,000 profile assessments in logistics and order fulfillment, in particular, across all their French sites. In this campaign, it is important to note that 30% of the people recruited would not have been CV-based. Finally, this market allowed us to validate and enhance our model.

Cityramag: Did the pandemic play “in your favor”, as “physical” recruitment was necessarily an issue?

Mr. B: In fact, the pandemic has been an accelerator for us, as Amazon is used to doing group job interviews. Inevitably, at the beginning of Covid, it became impossible. In addition, Amazon logically benefited from a spike in activity with e-commerce. They had to hire quickly but found themselves stuck in the healthcare context. That’s why they chose our solution. It worked well, providing a lot of data, which added value to our tool. Six months ago, we opened a second version of our solution to as many people as possible (candidates/companies) that we are starting to commercialize.

Cityramag: You can now develop the concept:

Mr. B: We allow the candidate to create a professional profile, freely and easily, from a set of questions/answers adapted to each profession, allowing them to enhance their skills and personality. The candidate can thus access a personalized and automated selection of job offers compatible with his/her profile and apply with one click. No CV or cover letter is required. These lastchoose and assess your skills according to the job you are looking for, indicate your level of study (not a diploma), their availability, if they have a driving license (as well as a specific licence), your area of ​​research. Our tool then generates a CV that they can download for free, print or share as a PDF with whoever you want.

It is important to note that candidates complete a personality test (Intelli 7: 600,000 total assessments) and can introduce themselves via a one-minute video presentation (additional 25-30% chance of being noticed with a video).

Another key point, ads are automatically published on 30 partner recruitment sites, knowing that all applications are centralized in our Jobfirst interface. Thus, the candidate who goes through a partner platform will answer some questions directly without downloading our app (85% use their cell phone). We will actually guide you to the information that is relevant to the recruiter. For example, if he responds to an order picker offer, we will ask him questions about his skills in this job.

A much smoother candidate-recruiter relationship

From there, recruiters will be able to contact them more easily (via message or video on the Jobfirst website or mobile app) to arrange an interview or request more information, as well as a file exchange (caces, weight permits, heavy, etc.) . So fast and efficient. Finally, they will systematically have an answer at the end of their application, which takes away the frustration when the process continues in vain. They also have the opportunity to consult the history of their applications.

For employers (who create an ad in 3 minutes), Jobfirst streamlines selection and sourcing thanks to smart matching based on hard skills (technical skills needed for a job, which are learned in school, acquired in training or as when the various professional experiences) and soft skills (which integrate a person’s character, behavior in community, flexibility, critical thinking and are based on relational and emotional intelligence) and, finally, prerequisites. We offer a more efficient recruitment tool, based on customized and/or modular scenarios, and simplified communication with candidates. However, if our algorithm gives them the profiles most compatible with their needs, our solution remains a decision-making tool.

Cityramag: You also work with schools. How are these collaborations?

Mr. B: It’s a product we launched three months ago. We are always on the idea of ​​facilitating access to employment. We are currently helping around ten schools (another 120 in lectures) to connect students and companies, whether for internships or work-study programs. The school has the possibility to register all its students on the platform and we support them in creating their candidate profile.

Subsequently, the school’s partner companies will be able to create a Jobfirst account for free and will be able to post advertisements to which all students will have access. In addition, schools are required to provide professional support for their students (Qualiopi certification). Our platform allows them to follow along much faster than if they had to do the traditional long and tedious method.

Cityramag: And your business model?

Mr. B: We operate in a unitary ad purchase format for specific needs (up to 5, with access to all the above mentioned features) or on an annual subscription system for recurring needs (annual subscriptions reduce the price to €15 per ad), the which implies a greater volume of ads published per month and per user and access to more features. Finally, we offer an annual license model for schools at €250/month.

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