This French antivirus protects your Mac from cyber attacks

Looking for an antivirus for your Mac? Intego is the right solution to effectively protect your Apple computer. Especially since a promotion allows this weekend to have a mini price.

French antivirus publisher Intego has been offering an antivirus solution specially designed to protect computers running macOS for over twenty years. Unlike other editors, the latter mainly focuses on Apple computers. With the expertise acquired over time, it has become the specialist and thus offers the best antivirus on the market for Mac.

Today, moreover, it is possible to acquire it at a reduced price. While you normally pay €49.99 for a one-year license, Intego’s antivirus for Mac is just €19.99. A blessing ! Also, the offer is non-binding, which means you can cancel whenever you want. The icing on the cake, Intego gives you 30 days to try its antivirus for free so that you can convince yourself of its effectiveness.

I use Intego antivirus

Instead of resorting to free antiviruses that in no way offer the same level of security as paid ones, it is better to invest twenty euros and make sure you benefit from the best protection on the market. In the end, it doesn’t even cost 2 euros a month, so derisory compared to the advantages offered by Intego’s antivirus.

Why choose Intego antivirus for your Mac?

As we pointed out to you a little earlier, Intego is a pioneer in the Mac antivirus field. With the experience gained over the years, the company has built a solid reputation and has also received numerous awards for its world-renowned antivirus. To give you an idea, its success is so much that more than 30 million people around the world have chosen it and trust it to protect their Apple computer.

Very effective, Intego’s antivirus is capable of detecting and identifying threats of all kinds. Phishing attempts (phishing), botnets, ransomware, nothing escapes you. In addition to offering a high level of security, Intego antivirus is also very discreet. In fact, the latter protects your machine in the most discreet way and performs the various tasks in the background.

Unlike other antiviruses on the market, Intego is not intrusive with pop-ups or useless messages that pop up all the time. An excellent point that allows you to focus on your work. It’s no wonder AV-Test chose it as the best Mac antivirus on the market. If in addition to protecting your Mac, you’re looking for a solution to improve its performance, Intego also has what you need.

The publisher actually offers a complete solution called Mac Premium Bundle. The latter integrates antivirus and other software aimed at optimizing your Mac. In detail, this ultimate package includes Washing Machine, a cleaning software that, when it kicks in, can speed up your Mac up to x3.

In addition, there is a very useful tool that allows you to manage your cloud backups automatically. And finally, if your kids use your Mac, a parental control tool so you can have peace of mind knowing that they are protected from potentially sensitive content. Specifically, the Mac Premium Bundle covers all Mac user needs for just a few euros a year.

The good news about all of this is that Intego’s complete solution costs $29.99 instead of $84.99 a year. It’s clearly the best choice you can make to protect, optimize, and speed up your Apple computer. Finally, note that you also have a 30-day free trial to convince you of its effectiveness. Non-binding, Intego offers may be terminated at any time at no additional cost.

To discover Intego’s complete solution, it’s here:

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To buy just the antivirus, it’s here:

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