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chateaulin. ZA by Penn ar Roz. At the end of the road, about 5,000 m2 of workshop and 500 m2 of office. The company Breizelec, specialized in the electronic repair of agricultural equipment, imposes itself on the landscape. Every day, more than a hundred packages, laden with defective units and agricultural electronic cards, arrive from all over Europe and even North America.

Initially, Breizelec mainly worked on electronic subcontracting for large groups like Matra, Alcatel or even Thomson. In 2000, the company was bought by Philippe Gastoud. Since then, it has specialized in repairing electronic cards for livestock equipment.

A company that weighs

Business is going well. Very well indeed. With a turnover of over 15 million euros, which has been growing for fifteen years, it has established itself in the world market for agricultural repairs. “We are going to open a subsidiary in Sydney next month,” says Yann Coatmellec, commercial director.

Today, Breizelec, which has 160 employees (including 100 in Châteaulin, the others in Canada), needs more hands to support its growth. “It’s a very manual job, we receive the parts with a handwritten description of the failure”, specifies the sales manager. Once passed to the test bench to be diagnosed, the electronics are repaired before being returned. A job where the robot cannot replace the man. “Each order that arrives is a new challenge”, guarantees Yann Coatmellec.

But, as in almost all places and in all areas, labor is in short supply. “E-skills are rare to find,” says Sophie Quignon, HR manager.

A bet on the future

So the company decided to set up a paid training (in collaboration with Pôle emploi, GEIO Industrie 29 and UIMM), with a guaranteed CDI at the end! The objective is clear: to attract candidates, not necessarily graduates, but driven by a passion for electronics. “We are looking for people who are curious, resourceful, intelligent and passionate,” says Sophie Quignon. “We’re going to look for other profiles that wouldn’t show up on their own,” explains Yann Coatmellec. Five people are wanted. “We prioritize quality over quantity, it is an investment in the future”, says RH.

This one-year work study program will begin on September 19. Students will oscillate between theory in Brest and practice in the company. Upon completion, electronics technicians will obtain a certificate of joint metallurgy qualification (CQPM). “It’s innovative in the way of recruiting! “, recognizes Sébastien Le Ny, counselor at the employment center in Douarnenez.


Open training from the age of 18. Contact: or 02 98 86 50 36 or

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