Trigo acquires start-up Scortex specialized in AI applied to automated control

TRIGO, ETI’s specialist in quality inspection, consulting and engineering services in the transport sector, owned by the investment fund Ardian, announced on May 6 the acquisition of SCORTEX, a French start-up specializing in AI applied to control quality automation. This operation is part of the Group’s strategy and allows it to assert its positions in terms of industrial innovation. If he did not reveal the value of this acquisition, he declared that he intends to invest five million euros in the start-up this year and double the staff.


Founded in 1997 by Pierre Hervo, TRIGO was the first company to offer operational quality services in France. It now works internationally and provides operational quality management consulting and management solutions for the automotive, aerospace, defence, rail and heavy transport industries.

Present in 25 countries, it has 10,000 employees at 500 sites that offer a complete portfolio of services across the entire supply chain, from inspection of production lines to auditing, consulting and engineering activities. The technological solutions it develops, based on AI, virtual reality and data, are tailored to its customers in the most demanding sectors. The group is owned by Ardian and generates a turnover of 400 million euros. It plans to recruit 400 technicians and engineers in France this year.


Frenchtech Scortex was co-founded by Aymeric de Pontbriand, Nathanael Hania and Serge Zloto in 2016. Their team combines deep knowledge in machine learningcomputer vision, business software, advanced computing and quality management.

Based on deep learningits automated defect detection and analysis platform can more accurately identify defective products in real time than whether plastic, polymers, metal, wood or packaging, improving the overall profitability of industrial companies.

Entirely designed, built and maintained by the Scortex team and its partners, the Scortex solution integrates automation, lighting, cameras, hardware, software, IoT and AI capabilities. The stations installed on the production lines, in addition to detecting defective parts, collect data and allow the analysis of production quality through a dashboard.

The acquisition of Cortex

This acquisition, which will bring an additional technological brick to Trigo, is the logical continuation of a partnership started in 2021 to test the relevance of a possible merger or stake acquisition.

Matthieu Rambaud, CEO of Trigo, says:

“Our goals were to identify specific cases of application and understand to what extent the solutions developed by Scortex could be complementary to our services. »

This acquisition thus materializes an important step in Trigo’s new 2025 strategic plan, which aims to consolidate the leadership of its inspection and supply chain activities, namely by accelerating its diversification into the aerospace, defence, rail and heavy transport sectors, by strengthening of consulting activities with the main manufacturers and equipment manufacturers, in addition to innovating in technological solutions. For this last objective, TRIGO will count on developments in the areas of AI, data mining, automation and augmented reality.

Scortex founder and CEO Aymeric de Pontbriand says:

“With WHEAT on board, we are gaining the ability to scale up our technologies. I am proud that Scortex is now part of the TRIGO family, we share a common vision of the developments and needs of tomorrow’s industry. With our solutions and our technology, our ambition is to be a key player in Industry 4.0 internationally. We will accelerate our quality management digitalization strategy, which allows our manufacturers to make better use of resources. »

As part of this acquisition, TRIGO will make available its commercial network, which is strongly consolidated internationally, its operational teams and its financing capacity. In turn, SCORTEX will bring a proven and recognized capability for AI innovation and automated vision.

Matthieu Rambaud, CEO of the TRIGO group, concludes:

“I am very happy to welcome the SCORTEX team to TRIGO. The quality of its technological solutions, its capacity for innovation and its entrepreneurial spirit fit perfectly into our market vision and our business culture. With this merger, we are gathering complementary strengths. Together, we will generate significant development synergies to help the industry meet the challenges of tomorrow, improving its performance and profitability with innovative solutions. »

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