Feature: Tesla Supercharger or FastNed?

Tesla is gradually opening up its Supercharger network to all manufacturers, even in Belgium! Unfortunately for us, when charging our BMW iX, we still had to go to France to connect with Tesla, without Tesla. To vary the pleasures a little, we went to the Nancy terminals capable of supplying up to 250 kW of power.

We have no shortage of space!

Arriving in Nancy, the Supercharger is not so easy to find. And for good reason, it’s not directly on the highway. Fortunately, after a few turns around the roundabout, we landed in the huge parking lot of a hypermarket where 28 ultra-fast terminals were waiting for us. 28! No, this is not a typo, there are in fact 28 locations, all open to any electric car and capable of generating 250 kW! Impressive! To be honest, there was so much space when we arrived that we didn’t know where to park…

Is fast

As we have already experienced, charging into Tesla is easy. We open the application, select your terminal, one last click to start loading and that’s it! But this time, the facilities are newer and more powerful! Our iX of the day does not accept 250 kW, but a “limited” maximum load of 195 kW. Once connected, immediately achieved! And that impressive speed only slowed down towards the end of the recharge, but never dropped below the 100 kWh mark. In just 21 minutes, we went from 14 to 60%, a gain of 51 kWh with an average power of 150 kWh. Remember that the huge battery of the iX exceeds 100 kWh! In a word, it’s (very) fast.

a much better location

Our last Tesla stop was in front of a not very welcoming hotel, this time you are next to a hypermarket including a shopping mall, something to eat and even relieve yourself. Suffice it to say that we absolutely didn’t see the 20 minutes go by. That highway exit was well worth the detour!

We are not alone…

Of course, we’re not the only ones who appreciate this open-to-all charger. In fact, two other “non-Tesla” connected during our charge. For a moment, the Teslas present were outnumbered. We had never seen this.

The Dutch Opponent

No need to fool you into another coincidence, this time no FastNed charger on our return trip. But we still wanted to see if the Dutch network could compete with the American one. To do so, take the E19 towards Antwerp. Here, we are promised 300 kW!

No peak, but what consistency!

Unlike Tesla and although we have entered the destination in the GPS so that the car is ready to receive a good boost of juice, when it is time to connect to the terminal, the load only rises to 149 kW. It’s a little disappointing… but it’s quickly forgotten because that power has been constant throughout the charge. We may not have seen a spike like Tesla’s, but the result is the same with an average of around 150 kW. Here is also fast! FastNed is definitely the appropriate name… On the price side, FastNed is fixed, €0.69 per kWh in normal times and €0.45 for subscribers paying €11.99 per month. At Tesla, prices vary slightly over time, but also across seasons. At the time of our billing it was €0.69 per kWh or €0.51 with the subscription set at €12.99 per month. Tesla is therefore slightly more expensive.

In the middle of nowhere…

We don’t have to turn around to find the FastNed terminals, they are right there, directly on the highway and clearly signposted. On the other hand, there is only room for 4 cars… We are a long way from the 28 seats of the American manufacturer. 28! We still can’t believe it… The Dutch terminals are also in the middle of a completely deserted car park! There isn’t even a bathroom close by. All FastNed has to offer are goals, benches and a roof to protect from the rain. As a result, waiting at the venue can quickly feel long…

Goodbye ?

We already noticed it during our last visit to the American manufacturer’s Superchargers, we are at Tesla! The places are very numerous and the flow of electricity is impressive. Its location is also not chosen at random, there is usually something to take care of. It remains only to verify if this is also the case in Belgium…

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