“Women are as suitable as men to set up a business”: in Orléans, a workshop to encourage them

Women who want to start their own company are twice as likely as men to see themselves refuse a loan. This stark observation comes from a national study commissioned by the Association for the Right to Economic Initiative (Adie) to the Egae group.

A study that also highlights obstacles to female entrepreneurship.
Per break these barriersAdie is organizing events through Friday, including a fun workshopfree and open to all, Friday, June 3, at the Orleans facility.

Founded in 1988, Adie offers microcredits. She defends the idea that anyone, without capital, without a degree, without knowing the French language, can become an entrepreneur if they have access to credit and professional support. It offers personalized and free follow-up for each project and finances any type of activity. The total loan is limited to 10,000 euros, with a repayment period of six to thirty-six months. The interest rate is 7.45%, regardless of the amount and duration of the credit.

Interview with Celine Constantinits regional director Centro-Val de Loire.

In the region and department, what is the proportion of women entrepreneurs supported by Adie in 2021?

“In the Center-Val de Loire, we financed 162 women, as part of a creation or continuity of activity, whether 33% project leaders supported by the association. In the Loiret, there are 46, that is, 43%. The numbers increase a little compared to 2020.”

What is their profile?

“The same as that of men: they often meet the social minimums, have few or no degrees at all. One difference, however, is single parenthood : Single parents with dependent children, who come to see us, are mostly women.”

What sectors of activity do they target?

“Although they are diverse, their projects often concern personal services – aesthetics, domestic help… – and kitchen buffet.”

What is the main difficulty encountered by those who want to start their own business?

“Access to finance. Unfortunately, banks often do not consider them credible enough.

“One woman says that her banker asked her to come with her husband; another, wanting to enter the construction, that she was refused a loan by her bank, which did not believe in her initiative. ‘Adie financed and today your company is a success. It exceeds one million euros in turnover and employs several employees.

Organizations able to support these projects see elements such as parental responsibility as at risk to the company’s sustainability. It just takes two to have kids. That we ask ourselves about their custody is legitimate, but that we do it for both men and women!

According to the study commissioned by Adie, access to finance is the main barrier encountered by women business creators (51%), followed by the articulation of life spans (25%); imposter syndrome (25%); lack of support from those around you (21%) and gender discrimination (21%).

There are other obstacles, such as lack of self-confidence, lack of support from those around you, sexism…

“Many women suffer from imposter syndrome. They don’t feel legit.they tell themselves that men are better able to undertake, that they have neither the education nor the temperament to do so. However, this is false and arch-false. They will undertake differently, will seek to reconcile professional and private life, will have a different approach to human relations and commercial relations from that of men.

Also, it is common for those around you to express reservations about this desire, which can clip your wings. Entrepreneurship, for a man, is normal. For a woman, it’s “beware!”. The idea of ​​entrepreneurship is valued by a man and feared by a woman.”

How does Adie go about removing those brakes?

“We organize events where they witness women who set up their own business, to make others aware that it is possible. We established links with neighborhood and integration associations, such as Avec des mains d’or, in Pithiviers.

The important thing is don’t expect a woman to push our door because she may never do. All the mentioned difficulties sometimes prevent them from thinking correctly about their project. We have to take the lead.”

The Adie d’Orléans agency, located on rue des Lavandières, is organizing a workshop at its premises Friday, June 3, from 2 pm to 4 pm.. A game to make women aware of the micro-enterprise. Free and open to everyone. Applications by email to the following address: bzounglaadande@adie.org

Thanks to microcredit, he was able to create his Lebanese catering business in Orléans

Anne-Laure LeJan

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