Liège’s EverZinc changes hands

The former Umicore subsidiary is sold to the American fund Ateria. This was followed by its merger with US Zinc, another giant in the processing of zinc, already in the aforementioned fund’s portfolio.

But the situation may now change. Indeed, a new fund has just taken over the company based a few kilometers from the Guillemins station and which processes around 200,000 tons of zinc per year. Her name? atherian Investment partners, we learned.



Each year, EverZinc processes around 200,000 tons of zinc.

As soon as his name is known, it comes back to us thinking that the new American owner has already played his card: he combines, with effect on 1er June, your target with another company in your portfolio that is US zinc.

league of giants

Leveraging what are effectively the two largest producers of zinc chemicals in the world, the combined company will become the de facto leader in its industry. It will operate under the name EverZinc and will see its headquarters moved to Houston, Texas, we learned. It will be based on Liège’s 185-year heritage and American’s 70 years.

On the synergy side, EverZinc (610 employees) serves its customers through 10 production units located in Belgium (Angleur, Zolder and Overpelt), in Canadainside Chinainside Norwayfor Netherlands is at Malaysia. US zincin turn, serves the American market from four sites in Texas is at Tennessee. O complementarity is therefore obvious.

“The new organization is catapulted years ahead of the technological curve.”

Vincent Dujardin

EverZinc CEO

“By combining our comprehensive zinc chemistry platforms, our employee base, our proven R&D and technology capabilities and expertise, we will strengthen our leadership in catapulting the new organization years ahead of the technology curve.” Vincent Dujardinwho will be called upon to oversee the new giant.



Zinc is the fourth most used metal in the world today.

Note the zinc it is now the fourth most used metal in the world. The resulting powders and oxides end up in batteries, paints, tires, sunscreens, bandages, ceramics or even glass. A funny anecdote, one in four batteries (AA, AAA…) is also a little Belgian thanks to components labeled EverZinc.

The latter recorded a turnover of 514 million euros in 2019 – the last known consolidated financial statement -, for a gross operating surplus (EBITDA) of 36 million euros in 2021, came back to us when Rumors about the future of the company were circulating. Financial data for the combined group was not filtered at this stage.

3 questions for Vincent Dujardin, CEO of EverZinc

What will be the weight of the merged group?

As far as our market share is concerned, it’s hard to answer like that. This varies depending on the different products we offer (either fine zinc dust, zinc dust with special battery alloys, zinc oxide and ultrafine zinc oxide, editor’s note). What I can say, however, is that the group will process just under 300,000 tonnes of zinc a year, thanks to around 800 people.

The seat flies to the United States. Can you give job guarantees?

I think, in general, that you can never really take a long term. On the other hand, at this point, I can say that the discussions are elsewhere and concern two pieces of a puzzle that come together without friction. We are facing two growing companies that are working hard to develop new products. From now on, we aim to combine our strengths in R&D to accelerate even further.

On a personal note, are you moving to Texas?

Anyway, I’ll spend a lot of time there at the beginning; the office will become the plane (smile). Permanent change is also one of the options; I have lived there for six years in the past (when he worked for the Lhoist group, editor’s note). But at this stage I have an office in Liège, in the desire to be close to our customers, our past, our factories…

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