A mini-company created by university students from Brive (Corrèze) following a national competition

Behind the sewing machine, Stéphane, a student at the private Edmond-Michelet/Notre Dame establishment, tries to apply himself. Not being able to sew well made and straight, this student already knows what VAT is, has mastered the notions of marketing and, above all, has gained confidence when expressing himself in front of a group.

Like fourteen other students in his class, since the beginning of the school year he has taken part in an unusual adventure: a mini-company, a collective entrepreneurial project, supervised by a teacher and a mentor.

Representative of all schools in Nouvelle-Aquitaine

On June 8, 2022, everyone will be in Paris to participate in the national final organized by the association Entreprendre pour learn. RE3, the name of the mini-company of the Brive establishment, will represent all schools in New Aquitaine thanks to an original idea: recovering sports shoe flaps to make… kits.The private college RE3 mini-company produces unique and original kits.

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Of different sizes (not just for putting pencils), closed only by laces, these objects have responded to their customers: around twenty orders must be honored (12€ each). And with the recovery and sustainable development side, they are in step with the times.

“We had a lot of problems to solve before we got there,” says Sophie Servat, the teacher who oversees this activity, two to four hours a week, in addition to school hours.

Waiting for the concept to be adopted

As in any business, it was necessary to develop a process, work on marketing, invest a little (€620 refundable). But the objective is different: “The ambition is to reconnect school and business, says Annaïck Jusy, representative in Nova Aquitaine of the Entreprendre pour learn association. It’s an in-depth approach, with facilitators coming from the economic world.”Teacher Sophie Servat oversees this mini-company activity which involves around fifteen third-year students.

Ebru Celik accompanied the RE3 students: “They gave their all, sharing the missions well. We felt that a group was born.”

Stéphane, like the others, now hopes that his concept will be taken up by another structure, why not an Esat (help through work service).

As for the profits of the mini-company, 80% will be used to finance a school trip, the rest will be donated to two local associations chosen by the university students.

Last straight to apply for the Corrèze Business Trophies 2022

Eric Porta

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