“We are looking for people who are attracted to home construction and renovation businesses without necessarily having any experience”, Frédéric Cazeaux (Co-Manager CKOM9)

Frédéric Cazeaux is co-manager of the CKOM9 network. For Tout la Franchise, he discusses the strengths of his brand specializing in cleaning roofs, facades and terraces.


Specialists in cleaning roofs, facades and terraces

CKOM9 intervenes in the area of ​​home remodeling with a simple and highly profitable service offer

Can you introduce yourself and your brand?

I’m Frédéric Cazeaux, co-manager of CKOM9 Réseau. Coming from a dual technical and commercial background, I spent the first 25 years of my career in the positions of Commercial Director and Market Manager in the trade of building materials and industry before becoming co-manager of a company specializing in products for the treatment of buildings.

CKOM9 was born from the observation of a vacant place in a market for cleaning roofs, facades and terraces with strong potential held to date, on the one hand, by workers with no real experience in the use of unsuitable products and, on the other hand, by multi-specialists cannibalized by energy renovation works.

Why did you choose franchise development?

The CKOM9 network was born from the desire to professionalize the activity of cleaning facades, roofs and terraces and provide access to an easily accessible technical profession, while providing operational, marketing and sales support to independent professionals aligned with our values ​​and driven by customer satisfaction.

Who is your competition and how do you stand out from them?

To date, there is no real “pure player” in this market, which is owned by multi-specialists and players whose professional competence is not always proven.

Where are you in your development?

The network is young, we currently have six dealerships and we have three plans to open by the end of the first half of 2022.

What profile are you looking for in your candidates?

We are looking for people attracted to the construction and remodeling trade of houses without necessarily having experience, and who want to become an activity with easy access.

Our future resellers must be driven by the customer’s sense and a job well done.

Naturally, the willingness to undertake and the ability to develop local business with individuals, companies and wealth managers is essential.

What is a candidate’s journey from initial contact to opening? How is he followed up?

When a candidate expresses an interest in grade classes, he is immediately supported by the network development unit that contacts him to identify the contours of the project and transmit a first level of information.

At the end of this first stage, a second interview makes it possible to validate the common interests of a collaboration and detail the terms of adhesion. We then make our candidates available during their reflection phase to answer all their questions and we can support them in carrying out their business plan.

We also offer the candidate a day of field immersion with our network manager (site visits, commercial management software demonstration, product explanations, etc.). This action allows them to familiarize themselves with the profession and validate their desire to join us.

How is the training going?

We offer our new dealers a one-day training course with our technical referee, which allows them to quickly operate on site (perform a technical diagnosis, interventions and optimize the use of equipment and products).

This technical reference remains, of course, available at a later date to provide advice and advice on problems encountered by our dealers.

Concerned with supporting their success, we also offer them commercial training days whose objective is to help them establish an effective prospecting approach, tools for managing their activity and optimizing all available sales support tools (prospecting brochures, commercial brochures, etc.), as well as all the functions of the commercial management tool.

We want to make life easier for our resellers as entrepreneurs so that they can focus on their technical activity and offer optional solutions for this (operational marketing, IT, etc.)

What tools and services do you provide your franchisees?

Above all, cleaning roofs, facades and terraces requires quality equipment and products, so we provide a complete kit of professional equipment essential for the start-up of our dealerships’ activity and we centralize product purchases. Our resellers exclusively use a range of high performance products specifically formulated for the CKOM9 network.

To manage your activity in a simple way, from the budget to the monitoring of the website to the invoice, we also provide you with commercial management software entirely dedicated to your activity.

We provide our dealers with a set of communication and sales support tools that allow them to prospect effectively and guarantee their visibility (local communication, digital presence, etc.).

Finally, we want to make the entrepreneur’s life easier for our resellers so that they can focus on their technical activity and offer optional solutions for this (operational marketing, IT, etc.).

How is the network animation?

The network animation starts gradually as it grows. In particular, we will create events and tools that will allow resellers to meet, share their problems and experiences and the network propose changes in support taking into account feedback, share new techniques, product innovations, etc.

Who is the ideal franchisee for you?

The ideal franchisee is one who, in the first place, does not have vertigo

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