“Timesharing is a win-win formula for the company and for the employee”

Frédéric Bécamel and Sébastien Gleyze are the co-managers of Sud Fromage, based in the Montpellier station market, which distributes cheeses and dairy products to the traditional delicatessen chain, cheese makers, butchers and delicatessens, greengrocers (200 customers, 6 million euros in volume of business ). Among its seven employees is Marie-Josée, its administrative secretary who arrived in November 2021. Recruited by GEMME Hérault, a group of multi-company and multi-sector employers, she started with a 20-hour contract per week.

“Our company was created at the end of 2016 so it is still a young structure and it is difficult to hire a full-time person until we have enough activity, explains Sébastien Gleyze. We also had a lack of experience in recruiting. So we called the GEMME Hérault. We knew the principle of the employer group because there was one in the station market, which had fallen by the wayside… The other interest of the employer group is that it manages the contract and gives support and follow-up, unlike the interim in which we are left on its own. »

GEMME Hérault pre-screened the candidates and the company hired Marie-Josée on a chosen part-time (not shared, according to her choice). Gradually, her contract went up to 25 hours, then 30 and now 32. On June 1, she will switch to a 35-hour contract, announces Sébastien Gleyze: “This formula allows you to know the person longer. It really is a win-win formula for the company and for the employee. And it’s a lever to hire. Today, GEMME is looking for order picker profiles for us for 25 hours initially.”

“Little Known Because Little Visible”

GEMME Hérault was created three years ago in Montpellier by the administrators of the GEIQ (Group of Employers for Integration and Qualification) BTP Hérault.

“Today, GEMME Hérault has 31 VSE-SME members and 11 worksharing contracts, indicates François de Cazenove, president of the structure, himself a member of his electrical installation company. There were already tensions in recruitment before Covid, and time-sharing work could be an answer. But employer groups suffer from a lack of image and we still encounter reluctance, particularly with regard to confidentiality issues when an employee works for several companies… GEMME is obviously not intended to block direct hiring, but it does help companies that cannot hire someone full time. And it opens the horizons for employees who want to diversify and allows them not to have all their eggs in one basket. »

The director of GEMME Hérault, Barbara Atlan, is the pivot of the employers’ group and has started a great work of evangelization to make this system better known and to erase preconceived ideas: ” It is believed to be a one-time solution, while time-sharing can create and sustain jobs and allow VSEs to access resources they would not have access to on their own. But employer groups are little known because they are not very visible. Clearly, there is still an acculturation to be done between entrepreneurs and employees. Network leaders like Medef or CPME are starting to identify us and find the system interesting to meet the needs of the territory”.

Target startups and large groups

“When VSEs-SMEs talk about part-time, they think it’s temporary, adds the leader. However, time-sharing is being set up without companies having to manage anything administratively, as GE does it… Fear around confidentiality is not a real obstacle: confidentiality clauses are included in the contract of job if an employee works for companies in the same industry. But our goal is to have a diversity of sectors. »

On the side of the candidate officials, the lack of knowledge is the same but the brakes less so. Therefore, GEMME Hérault’s ambition is to join the ranks of employers and employees who resort to time-sharing.

“Our goal is to reach the level of 35 to 40 managed contracts and 80 to 100 associated companies, Visa François de Cazenove. In particular, we would like to integrate start-ups, large companies, agri-food companies. »

“Our main targets, among employees, are seniors with many skills but with difficulties in finding a job, but also young graduates with no experience, people with disabilities and all people who have chosen part-time, adds Barbara Atlan. So many profiles that can interest large companies. »

Good profitable practices

In Montpellier, Bruno Tezenas du Montcel, CEO of Netia (publisher of digital audio software for radio professions), manages around thirty employees. He passed through GEMME Hérault to recruit a full-time employee.

“I needed reinforcement for a time that I did not control due to the absence of two employees on sick leave, he explains. It is part of Netia’s strategy to rely on the local ecosystem and I appreciated the very inclusive approach of GEMME in the profiles offered. If I was in a phase of rapid growth, I could have hired directly, but that’s not the case. Going through GEMME Hérault is no more expensive than resorting to acting, and there may be other opportunities for other skills, for example HR, which I don’t need full-time, or in tester positions that can be shared with other companies. I have no concerns about competition: good practices that a tester develops at another company may benefit me and vice versa. It can contribute to raising the level of competence in Montpellier…”

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