the IGS group faces strong demand from companies in Toulouse

Learning is on the rise. Once avoided by students and their families because (still) often associated with a feeling of school failure, this training modality that alternates – over a certain period – theoretical teaching in schools and practical work in companies is today very popular. “There has been an explosion of learning in recent years“, to recognize Heide Mathieu, regional delegate of the IGS group in Occitania. In this private establishment located in Blagnac (Haute-Garonne), which forms from level bac to bac +5 (BTS, Bachelor and Master), 1,300 students have an apprenticeship contract out of a total of 1,750 students.

“The workforce has increased sharply in recent years and is linked to increased requests from companies to hire work-study interns, +25% between 2021 and 2022 according to our indicators”, argues Nathalie Morize., the director of corporate relations for the IGS group in Toulouse.

While incredible, this sudden attraction to learning over the last two or three years is not trivial. To avoid the phenomenon of a generation sacrificed (on a professional level) by the health crisis, the government released the “1 young person 1 solution” plan in the summer of 2020. This is based in particular on an emblematic measure: a rental subsidy for a apprentice of 5,000 euros as a minor and up to 8,000 euros as an adult. This system was supposed to end at the end of June, but one of the first announcements by the new Minister of Labor, Olivier Dussopt, was its extension until the end of 2022. In addition, it is important to remember that these apprenticeship contracts are exempt from social and employer contributions. during the first year.

Government extends bonus for apprenticeship, weapon against unemployment

Dedicated classes are popular

With the maintenance of this bonus for hiring apprentices, the Ministry of Labor aims to reach the mark of one million contracts of this modality signed in 2022, after the 718 thousand signed in 2021 (that is, +37%, after an increase of +42 % between 2020 and 2021). For example, OPCO Atlas, the skills operator for financial services and consulting, is recording this same dynamic. In Occitania, around 7,000 work-study contracts were signed for this organization (6,094 in apprenticeship and 869 in a professionalization contract). The targeted training level “Bac +5” represents 43% of the files in the region, but is closely followed by the level “Bac +3”.

Within its headquarters in Toulouse, the IGS group has partnered in particular with Crédit Agricole 31 to create a dedicated class, that is, a group of students who follow a training course designed in collaboration with the school. in a work-study program on the banking brand’s network.

“In the banking sector, we are moving towards the specialization and increasing the skills of professional consultants and wealth managers. Now we expect from them a very broad general culture because today we are on the rise and we are faced with clients who have more and more solid knowledge of the world banking and finance”, Gilles Augé, education coordinator for the Southwest of Difcam, the CFA created about thirty years ago by Crédit Agricole.

Through this partnership, which has been in existence for four years, around forty work-study interns are trained by the IGS group, who usually join the company. “Work-study programs and internships are prime recruitment channels for us.“, continues Gilles Augé, without saying that this process makes it possible to limit the difficulties of recruiting in certain occupations and offers some certainties about the integration of new employees.

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“A remote indoor training school”

Other companies chose the dedicated class, in collaboration with the IGS group in Toulouse. This is the particular case of the Castorama brand, which trains its potential future employees in five business areas, or of Capgemini, which has three dedicated classes with the school also present in Paris and Lyon.

The Toulouse IGS campus is expanding and going green

“With the IPI (the IGS group’s computer school, editor’s note), we built a training program on our roles for today and tomorrow, namely with the intervention of some of our employees in the classes. these programs every year because trends change. At the end of their apprenticeship, today 100% of work-study students sign a permanent contract with Capgemini”, Laurent Plusquellec, West Area BizOps Manager at Capgemini.

According to the IGS group, these dedicated classes could lead to an increase in the next academic year, within the limits of the reception capacities of the Toulouse establishment, which is already considering a new extension operation to face the growth of its staff. .

“Compared to other training establishments, the ability we have to respond to the demands of companies is a differentiating element (…) Many companies have tried to launch their own training establishment recently and have failed. a kind of remote in-house training school “, highlights Heide Mathieu.

As a reminder, the learning reform initiated in 2018 makes it easier to create these training centers in the CFA format. According to data from the IGS group, there are currently 240 apprentice training centers in Occitania, compared to 90 before the reform. Another proof of the interest of the various protagonists in alternation. The upcoming National Apprenticeship Week (NAW), which runs June 3-10, should confirm this attraction.

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