The Châteaudun museum will be transformed and modernized by 2025

Founded in 1890, the Châteaudun Museum of Fine Arts and Natural History has reached certain limits: lack of space, inadequate reservations, lack of public service and temporary exhibition hall, in addition to the lack of accessibility for people with disabilities representing so many obstacles to its development.

“We want to value our museum, beautify it, allow it to grow on site,” said Mayor Fabien Verdier during the approval of the scientific and cultural project (PSC) by the City Council.

A new identity and a name change

This operational and strategic document, which defines the museum’s identity and guidelines, will be the establishment’s roadmap for a period of five years and will allow the visibility of actions and projects for the structure, the municipality, the Regional Directorate for Cultural Affairs (DRAC ) and the French Museum Service under the Ministry of Culture. “It is the first ever produced at the museum. It was written in just six months and is very well done. »

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How the Châteaudun Museum became “a center of reference” for Egyptian funerary art

One of the challenges of this first PSC was to identify “a strong concept that gives a clear identity to the Châteaudun museum”. “It seems appropriate to apply the term museum of civilization to it. The museum’s collections come from the four corners of the world and not from a single territory or a single human group. They allow evoking the specificities of various civilizations and highlighting the relationships that these different civilizations have maintained throughout history, particularly in the 19th century. The typologies of the collections are based on a wide variety of disciplines, which is one of the characteristics of a museum of civilizations. »

This new identity involves changing the name of the museum. “A reflection will have to be made to choose the most appropriate name for this new ambition. »

The surprising story of a mummy kept in the Châteaudun museum

Reservations at the Châteaudun museum constitute “the first priority” to be dealt with under this CPS. The narrowness of the reserves and the poor conservation conditions of the natural history reserve led the museum team to present a project to outsource the reserves to elected officials. The municipality proposed two former hangars from the moving company Les Transports Jumeau that were purchased by the city and are located a 10-minute walk from the museum at the end of a courtyard. The outsourcing of reservations will release a room located on the ground floor with an area of ​​37 m². “This room, before being turned into a reserve, was an exhibition hall. The museum will thus be able to create a space for temporary exhibitions that the museum does not currently have and this room will have to be reorganized in advance. »

A new team of seven people

The creation of access for people with disabilities and a “unified” graphic chart for the Egyptology room are also planned for 2025. But all these projects cannot be carried out without a professional team “in sufficient numbers”. “The retirement of almost all current agents will require the recruitment of qualified people, capable of taking over the management of the Châteaudun museum in the new direction it proposes to adopt. »

Five anecdotes about the Châteaudun Museum of Fine Arts and Natural History

With its new identity and a new team that would go from 4.5 to 7 people, the “transformed and modernized” museum will be able to offer events, workshops and mediations that will make it “more accessible and fun, capable of retaining a large number of visitors. “Their notoriety will then be able to extend to a national scale, carried by a political will that will be able to highlight the richness of their collections. »

Calendar :
: Development of works in the outsourced reserves with the appropriations voted in the municipal budget for 2022. Installation of equipment to receive the collections in the outsourced reserves. Carrying out a diagnostic study of collections in preventive conservation.
1st quarter 2023 : Relocation of the collection of popular arts and traditions (two open-air storage rooms) and natural history (museum attic).
2nd quarter of 2023: Relocation of the museum’s ground floor reserve (next to the room dedicated to the war of 1870).
From September: Relocation of the painting collection.
2024 : Development of the new room and temporary exhibition and beginning of the temporary exhibitions.
2025 : Production of new written mediation materials for the permanent visit, introducing the new concept of “Museum of Civilizations” and changing the name of the museum.

Frederic Levent

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