Real estate: a brake on the French desire to buy or sell

For the 9th consecutive year, the Optimhome real estate network, in partnership with the IFOP, publishes the results of its annual survey on the evolution of the behavior of the French in the real estate market. Results presentation.

After several years of a health crisis that did not have an undue impact on the purchasing desire of the French, this new barometer shows new trends in the context of election campaigns and the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.

24% of French people confident in their economic and social situation

Although a small majority of French people feel optimistic about their own situation, they are barely 24% confident in France’s economic and social situation. A considerable drop compared to May 2021 (-11 points), explained in particular by the strong concern about the conflict between Russia and Ukraine (85% feel concerned, including 34% very concerned). In this tormented international news, 51% of French people who plan to buy or sell real estate witness the possibility of postponing your project.

This observation seems to be accentuated by the fact that only a small majority indicate having confidence in the actions of France (53%) and the European Union (52%) to deal with this crisis situation. However, this trend must be modulated according to the place of residence of the French, as there are 62% of people confident in the Paris conurbation against only 44% in the rural communes. Figures in line with the timidity of the French in terms of buying or selling real estate, since 55% of the inhabitants of the Parisian conurbation will not delay their project, against only 45% of the inhabitants of the rural communes.

The health crisis is less and less relevant to real estate desires

Unlike in previous years, the Covid-19 health crisis no longer seems to influence the French’s buying or selling plans. Thus, they are less likely to consider that it had an impact on accelerating a project to acquire a main residence (10% against 16% in 2021), on moving to another municipality or in the current municipality (9% and 8% respectively, compared to 15 % and 12% in 2021), or in accelerating a lease acquisition project (6%, -4 points) or a second home, 5%, -4 points).

More serene about the prospect of a way out of the crisis, they are therefore just 18% to estimate that the health crisis has influenced at least one issue, compared to nearly 3 in 10 French people last year.

29% of French people plan to buy in 24 months

At the time of the presidential campaign, housing and real estate were absent from public debate. Thus, 2/3 of the respondents consider that the issues related to housing and real estate were not sufficiently addressed by the candidates. However, there is a strong appetite among the French for these themes, since 24% of them bought at least one property in the last 3 years and 29% plan to buy at least one property in the next 24 months.

66% of French regret tightening credit conditions

Despite incomplete levels of information and knowledge, the proportion of French people aged 25 to 65 who consider the positive effects of government measures taken in relation to the purchase of real estate remains very stable. Thus, for 84% of them, the renewal until December 31, 2023 of the zero-rate loan (or PTZ), a device to help in the acquisition of their own home, is considered positive. On the other hand, 66% of French people are negative about the tightening by banks of the conditions for obtaining a mortgage, in particular the ban on granting loans for periods longer than 27 years and an amount of monthly payments that must not exceed 35% of the borrower’s net income.

“Although the real estate issue has, once again, been notoriously absent from the presidential debate, it seems essential that the political powers become aware of the blatant importance of better informing the French about the aid and financing that they can benefit in terms of energy renewal”explains Olivier Colcombet, President of Optimhome. “It is also important that the government controls the increase in interest rates and continues its action to facilitate access to first buyers”he points.

The image of real estate professionals is improving

Since 2019, the real estate market has broken records with more than one million transactions carried out in France. The Optimhome network of real estate consultants managed to keep up with the movement and recorded, in 2021, a turnover of 65.5 million euros, an increase of +18% compared to 2020 (55.5 M€). The study carried out by the IFOP for Optimhome also reveals that theimage of real estate professionals increased by 3 points between 2020 and 2021 and that the vast majority of French people use a professional in the sector to buy or sell real estate (66% and 69% respectively).

1,154 new Optimhome real estate agents in 2021

With this enthusiasm and some of the most attractive remuneration, 1,154 new directors
bolstered the ranks of Optimhome in 2021, which now covers all departments in France.
“, welcomes Olivier Colcombet. And to continue: The company offers personalized support to all its advisors and annually organizes numerous events to enliven its network, such as the “Optimust Day” (May) which rewards the most efficient advisors. At the head office in Castelnau-les-Lez (34), the group was joined by 24 employees with a permanent contract to deal with the implementation of the network and new offers.

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