Looking for tomorrow. In Le Havre, Hipli is revolutionizing the postcard market

Customers of the French e-commerce leader have the option since the end of 2021 to use Hipli orders for eligible products and receive their order in packaging with a much longer lifecycle. Cdiscount tested the bags created by start-up Le Havre with its employees and several thousand customers in late 2020 with positive feedback. “Hipli’s reusable bags are innovative. They protect the products very well and are of remarkable quality”, says Pierre-Yves Escarpit, deputy director of Cdiscount responsible for the supply chain.

With an H for Le Havre

In terms of image and environmental impact, the stakes are high because Cdiscount represents around 23 million packages in 2020. Obviously, it will not be possible to deliver a washing machine in Hipli packaging. However, the small and medium plastic envelopes (manufactured in Bulgaria and Portugal) and the boxes offered by the company Le Havre are perfect for many products: cosmetics, women’s ready-to-wear, jewelry, babies, toys, books… something that is not too big”, summarizes Anne-Sophie Raoult, co-founder of Hipli with Léa Got.

A radical life change

Fiat lux end of 2019! The two friends have a coffee and are annoyed by receiving large, disposable packages. 550 million packages and 137,000 tonnes of waste in 2018 for France alone. 1.3 billion packages in 2021 and 350,000 tons of waste… [source : Ademe] that make you dizzy and do – a lot – harm to the planet.

By founding Hipli – with H de Le Havre and a beautiful reference to e-commerce, the two young women also changed their lives. Léa Got left her position as director of strategy in artificial intelligence and Anne-Sophie Raoult said goodbye to the brewing giant Carlsberg, of which she was a worldwide buyer. They started in pairs, at the premises of the Le Vaisseau business incubator, in the Eure district of Le Havre. Today, the team has six people and the forecast is to double the number in 2022.

In discussion with Amazon

“We started in July 2020 with our concept of plastic bags for a hundred uses,” recalls Anne-Sophie Raoult, who insists that Hipli is an impact business. “If we harm the planet, we harm our business”, she summarizes. Today, 30,000 Hipli packages circulate each month with strong growth, especially since Cdiscount entered the circuit.

That’s not all, the two Le Havre women are in discussions with Private Showroom, Galeries Lafayette and have just started discussions with Amazon. “We’re at the very beginning, we’re talking to them… they’re finding out. Anne-Sophie doesn’t want to say any more. An eloquent silence for anyone who knows the tough business of the American giant founded by Jeff Bezos.

For now, the two entrepreneurs are working on larger reusable packaging and expanding their customer base. More than 230 brands already trust them. As well as La Poste, which signed a partnership with Hipli at the end of October. Its 130,000 mailboxes and 475 million parcels delivered should help bring the Le Havre start-up to an industrial dimension.

The two founders of Hipli from Le Havre received the heart of the heart award from the jury at the One to One Startup Awards 2022 ceremony in Monaco!

looking for tomorrow

Given the scale of the challenges that lie ahead, between ecological crisis, social inequalities and democratic tensions, it is more urgent than ever to look beyond what divides us to highlight what can unite us. If the inevitable changes in our ways of producing, consuming, living together, living together inevitably shake our certainties and our personal convictions, they can also unite us around shared concerns.

Every day, French men and women of all social classes and all social classes overcome divisions and already work side by side to face the social and environmental challenges in our territories. Citizens, local authorities and economic actors are getting involved, experimenting and implementing solutions that, together, outline a common goal: a world of tomorrow that can be more in tune with nature, more sustainable, more just and, in general, perhaps more desirable.

These initiatives, these collaborations must be able to grow and spread. That is why the newspapers of the EBRA group (L’Est Républicain, Le Républicain Lorrain, Vosges Matin, Le Progrès, Le Bien Public, Le Journal de Saône et Loire, Le Dauphiné Libéré, Vaucluse Matin, L’Alsace, The Latest News from Alsace), join forces with Sparknews and 50 regional press titles to highlight those who are trying to bring the world of tomorrow to our territories.

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