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In the age of digital and new technologies, companies have clearly evolved in terms of management. As a result, they were able to improve their customer relationship. Thanks to IP telephony professionals around the world can now communicate through a internet network quickly and efficiently. And that’s not all! Always in search of more modernity, the virtual numbers replaced landline telephones in companies. And for good reason, these digital telecommunications they are cost-effective, flexible and easy to use. In this article, learn why it is important to expand commercial telephony and optimize it for productivity gain and grow your business.

The virtual number, a revolutionary technology

A virtual number, what is it?

nothing like using the cloud telephony tools as virtual numbers to optimize your company’s telephony. In addition, some platforms, such as Kavkom, offer their services to companies so that they can improve their internal and external communication.

But above all, what is a virtual number? You should know that the latter is nothing more than a digital number that works without a SIM card and that is not directly associated with a phone line. As for the management of this number, it is done through a Internet connection. As for its function, it is used to redirect incoming calls to one or more existing lines (smartphone, tablet, computer, landline, etc.). On the other hand, it can also be displayed during outbound calls (during a prospecting campaign).

Commercial phone

Its different types and how it works

To be able to use the services of this type of number, just call a operator subject matter expert. Then you can choose the number that best suits your industry. From there, you will be able to customize your call management creating transfer rules (choosing specific times, for example).

Be aware that there are different types of virtual numbers:

  • the geographic number : consists of 10 digits and allows you to choose your geographic code. It’s a perfect fit for companies with local businesses.
  • the VAS number (value-added service): are widely used and consist of 10 digits, start with 08 (toll free number, premium number, etc.). Sometimes they can only be 4 digits long.
  • The international virtual number : This will display your country code. It is very useful for calls abroad.
  • the mobile virtual number : allows you to receive different numbers on a single cell phone.

The advantages of this communication solution for companies

This modern means of communication brings many advantages to companies. In fact, this solution is very economic, as it only needs an Internet connection accompanied by a configured device. In addition, she will improve the image of your company. Because with the geographic number, you can choose a national or regional code according to your professional needs.

Furthermore, he will be a time saving and efficiency for managing your business. You will be able to automatically sort all your incoming calls and manage them intelligently. Which means you’ll also optimize your customer service, as well as being able to identify calls through various resources.

company phone

Cloud telephony at the service of companies

In the past, companies ran their business through a dial-up telephone network. PSTN. Now, with a Cloud solution, enterprise telecommunications is done by Voice over IP technology that exploits the full performance of high-speed Internet. Thanks to cloud telephony, the company’s tools are seen as hosted on remote servers, to connect the company needs a simple application. It is, therefore, via VoIP that calls are handled.

If this innovative system is so appreciated by companies, it is because it allows them to grow in flexibility. They can work anywhere in the world connected to an Internet network at any time of day. In addition, the complete management of your business is done with this solution. The services being dematerializedthe IP telephony provider will be responsible for allocating resources for equipment management and maintenance.

A phone system associated with IT tools

The business telephone system associated with your IT tools allows your teams to deliver optimal work as they will be able to sync calls with the CRM Software or inventory management and planning software. In addition, it is possible to create an interactive voice server and customize it. The association of CRM with business telephony will revolutionize your company’s organization and the quality of your Customer service thanks to different features:

  • click to call : Allows you to call a customer by clicking the phone number field found in your CRM file.
  • Viewing client files : During incoming calls, the number and the contact associated with it will be displayed in CRM.
  • call log : All calls will be listed in the associated client files.

In addition, you will be able to benefit from many other advantages. how to be able customize welcome what will you do with your customers during calls, to process requests quickly, call history will help you to be in seamless coordination with your teams, as you will have all the necessary information about your customers at your disposal. In addition, you will be able to answer your calls efficiently and even Analyze the performance of your teams all thanks to IP telephony and CRM technology.

Then you would have understood. If you wish maximize the management of your businessit is essential to adopt a VoIP telephony system in your facilities and use a virtual number. This cloud telephony tool has many advantages in terms of management, work optimization and productivity. In addition to improving your image, you can provide your customers with quality service. Also, to improve the performance of your phone system, you can link it to your CRM. Reach your goals with these innovative technologies.

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