do-it-yourself solar panels invented by start-up Beem Energy

Install a photovoltaic panel yourself and in a short time, produce part of your electricity consumption. It is now possible thanks to the solar kit imagined by a start-up from Nantes. The product conquered major DIY and home appliance brands.

After several months of research to reduce his expenses, this resident of Vertou, south of Nantes, took the step of solar energy with these panels in kit form.

70 centimeters wide, a weight of 5 kilos for a price of 800 euros.

An installation 20 times cheaper than traditional photovoltaic panels.

I also didn’t want to invest a lot of money in installing photovoltaic panels.“explains Charles Devaux.

That’s why I preferred to do it on the wall, which was actually within my reach.“he adds.

This facility can produce up to 15% of the energy consumed by this four-person household.

A welcome introduction for your users.

I have a refrigerator that consumes a lot of energy. It is an old technology that is more than 10 years old so it consumes a lot. The dashboard allows me to offset half of your monthly consumption. This represents 5 euros of savings per month

Charles Devaux, Solar Panel User

A patented technology designed in 2019 in Saint-Herblain in the Loire-Atlantique in this warehouse of the company Beem Energy.

Which of its three co-founders shows us.

This is the first step in the process. There is François who assembles the packaging that contains the solar kit. And then in this second stage there is David who will prepare the cash funds“explains Ralph Feghali among the boxes.

“In the cashier we put a beembox that makes it possible to monitor the production of the kit“ continues the co-founder of Beem Energy.

There are also fixings that we have designed and patented and that allow anyone, without being a professional, to place a solar panel on a facade in two seconds.” add Ralph Feghali.

There I am on the dashboard’s QA“explains Marin, who also works for Beem Energy.

We’ve come to check every cell to ensure a worry-free 35-40 year lifespan.“explains Marin.

Constant rigor to attract increasingly demanding customers.

The elementary brick is 300w. It represents around 15% of a household’s consumption and allows for a good balance of individual impact and an affordable price to prove the technology, to take this first step.” Note Ralph Feghali.

We have a lot of people who, after getting a first kit, get a second, or even a third. These are kits that are modular. Really lets you get into solar at your own pace

Ralph Feghali, co-founder of Beem Energy

A rhythm adopted two years ago by Clément, this Nort-sur-Erdre inhabitant installed four Beem Energy panels in his house.

As the panels produce during the day and the energy is injected directly into our grid, we change our habits” explains Clément Rimmele.

“For example, washing machines run during the day to take advantage of the electricity produced by the panels.“Clement notes.

This user purchased a second kit to significantly reduce their bills.

In April 2020 we had an electricity bill of 146 euros. If we go to the year 2021 to compare, we drop to 118 euros. What saves us 30 euros over the month

“We can ask ourselves if tomorrow I will do a more substantial installation. It is something to think about. Because if we manage to produce 5% of our electricity, it is interesting”, analyzes Clément Rimmele.

With 3,500 kits sold so far, the advancement of this solar panel is being emulated.

The Nantes-based company plans to triple its turnover by the end of the year.

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