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To provide information on safety instructions and rules to be observed; or on construction sites, some companies opt for road signs. It is an excellent secure, professional and effective communication solution for the company. They are used to inform about risks through warnings, obligations, prohibitions and emergency information (accidents, fire). Your assets and the equipment to help you achieve it… we reveal everything to you in this post.

The importance of safety signs in companies

If you are a business owner, here are some advantages to favoring safety signs in your establishment.

An essential element of security

Traffic signaling is an excellent security element in the company’s operation. Its main role is to inform users of regular or occasional dangers linked to an area, but also to indicate the rules of circulation or good conduct for the safety and well-being of all. In fact, in the day-to-day of a company, road signs improve worker safety indicating danger zones as well as safety instructions to be observed, in terms of equipment or movement, for example. At this point, help employees adopt the right behaviors to avoid hazards of all kinds.

Connected directly to the fire safety system, these signs that are play a key role in the business. In fact, when a case of fire arises, they help everyone find fire extinguishers, to identify alarms and above all to take the right path to the exit. When carried out according to the rules, signage can save lives, hence the importance of giving the utmost care.

A reliable means of professional communication

Far from the framework of the company’s practice, Traffic signs allow businesses to inform pedestrians and drivers of areas under construction or construction sites that involve changes to traffic rules and/or displacement. There are in fact many types of road signs, which today allow the company to adapt to the needs of each situation, depending in particular on the risks associated with its area of ​​activity. Thus, they allow signaling in different ways:

  • The materialization on the ground will serve to delimit danger zones, carriageways, areas reserved for a certain use, etc.,
  • The marking will make visible all sources of danger, such as obstacles, objects that could cause an accident, but also personnel evacuation routes,
  • Identifying work equipment and pipes that transport hazardous fluids, substances or materials will improve personnel safety.

In addition, in the case of panels that must remain visible at night or in the event of a power failure in dark areas, specific signage supports can be used:

  • Light signs that are identical to conventional signs, but each includes a lighting system,
  • Fluorescent materials that emit light when excited by ultraviolet rays, which induces a particular installation.
  • Radioluminescent materials that emit light through radioactive radiation.

Above all, we can also mention refractive materials that reflect light.

For better signage in car parks

This obligation concerns companies that provide parking for their employees. In this case, signage is used to organize the movement of vehicles for employees, collaborators and visitors. Common company parkingit is necessary to have markings on the ground that comply with the regulations in force, namely with regard to car parks for people with reduced mobility and lanes reserved for pedestrians.
It is also essential to install prohibition signs to limit the speed of drivers., indicate a prohibited direction, a stop sign or limits on the height and weight of vehicles. Indication and direction signs are also necessary to avoid accidents.

Warehouse security and protection

As the warehouse is a space shared by people, goods and handling equipment, it is clear that there is a risk of work accidents. This is also why strict prevention instructions must be followed to ensure maximum safety. In this regard, the signaling in the warehouse serves to alert, through colored panels and geometric shapes, to possible risks. This procedure helps companies identify restricted access areas (eg, those reserved for dangerous goods), areas where forklifts circulate, or areas where orders are prepared and packed.

The signage is represented here by different colors, shapes and symbols depending on the characteristics and the message that the signs must convey.

What equipment should be privileged for safety signaling in a company?

There are some equipment that should be prioritized when choosing a company’s signage. The most important are mentioned below:

Prohibition signs

In a company, prohibition signs and their pictograms limit the risk of accidents and reinforce safety at work, indicating actions to be avoided and precautions to be taken. complies with the ISO 7010 standard which aims to harmonize the graphic symbols and the color of security signs at an international level, the latter serve as support for effective communication about prevention and safety measures in the company. They often carry messages like: No smoking, No public access, No entry, No pedestrians, Work safety signs, Traffic guidance to protect machinery or vehicle operators.

warning signs

The warning signs for their universal graphic language allow users and the public to be informed of the rules in force and to guide them in their movements. Thus, they focus on the existing provisions on risk prevention, but also on the presence of potentially dangerous products in storage. These panels are firefighting means, ways forward for effective evacuation in the event of a disaster

sign of obligation

Regardless of company size, all employers must install mandatory displays in professional facilities. Whether in the form of a board or a pasted poster, they contribute to employee safety and play an informative role. The number of required panels varies depending on the size of the structure.
The fact is that they can make it possible to call the labor inspectorate and the emergency services in case of need. Likewise, they provide information about support that specify working hours, as well as weekly rest hours, if the team works on Sundays. Employees must be aware of this information.

Rescue and ransom sign

The organization of emergency services in a company implies the creation of an alert system in the event of an accident or sick person. In the absence of nurses, or when their number does not ensure their permanent presence, the employer takes, after consulting the occupational physician, the necessary measures to provide first aid to the injured and sick. These measures, which are taken in particular in connection with the emergency services outside the company, can be written on a sign. The idea is to allow any company employee to step in when the time comes.

In short, corporate signage is a means of visual communication that comes in different formats and supports: posters, floor markings, stickers, panels, etc. Depending on the location and context, signage can guide a flow of customers, warn of risks, inform about legal provisions, prohibit access, remind hygiene rules, etc.

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