3 promotional items to promote your business!

To gain visibility and make their activities prosper, companies use various communication and marketing strategies. Among these are the advertising items. These simple accessories have taken on real power in promoting businesses, whether small or large. If you want to use some of them to publicize your structure, these three advertising mediums should interest you.

In fact, according to a study carried out in 2022 by the French Federation of Object Communication Professionals, the media object remains in second place in the ranking of the media with the most positive impact on the image. brand of a brand to consumers. Also according to the 2FPCO, it is also today the marketing strategy not to be missed to encourage the memorization of information issued in the chosen media but also the retention of this by prospects.

The business card: the timeless advertising medium

O Business Card is a small card on which information is printed that aims to present a company in a nutshell. Contrary to some popular beliefs, this support is still useful today. Indeed, the business card is above all a means of communication that socializes. By providing it to a contact, you can more easily establish a connection with the latter.

Also, for many professionals, the business card serves as an icebreaker to start a conversation with their potential customers. According to a study carried out with some company executives, approximately 57% believe that business cards are essential for promoting your products. Another study found that out of 2

Also, many people don’t use business cards right away when they receive them. They will still be able to contact the company if needed thanks to the contact details that appear on the business card. It is mainly email address and phone number. In addition, some companies make these business cards interactive with the presence of a QR code in flash to visualize, thanks to augmented reality, all the information of the professional, and access these essential resources in a few seconds.

The flyer: the aesthetic tool of marketing

The flyer is a small sheet of printed paper that is normally distributed to promote a product, event or new activity. This communication tool is essential for companies due to its numerous advantages.

First, the pamphlet is practical and resistant. In fact, with its small format, it can be carried around quite easily and can be slid everywhere. So, it is a dynamic and aesthetic advertising medium. It catches the eye easily and can be read easily. Finally, producing and printing flyers is not expensive. You can then print a very large number of them.

However, the distribution of pamphlets is governed by various legal texts. These include the environmental code and the law of 10 February 2020 n° 2020-105 on the fight against waste and the circular economy. These texts recommend not to abuse the use of the flyer.

The flyer: how to succeed?

To make a successful flyer, it is important to respect some key points. First you need to set up a clean design with a captivating text and beautiful images. During the design, it is therefore necessary to avoid placing too many colors, three at most, so as not to overload the flyer’s visuals and not lose the reader. The next criterion concerns the choice of format. The company can opt for the single-sided brochure or the double-sided brochure, depending on its goals.

A6 size is appreciated when it must be distributed in large numbers. The message is clear, effective and this format has the advantage of not taking up a lot of space.

A5 size allows you to develop your ideas a little more, offer promotional codes, present your concept with beautiful visuals. Like the A6 format, A5 flyers can be distributed on the street, placed in mailboxes or on car windshields.

The brochure in A4 format, in turn, is the privileged support of the events sector. This format echoes the decorative posters of people who, if they find the design appealing, will tend to pick it up and keep it, or even display it in their businesses to advertise it to you. So bet on a print on one side, with a worked look.

The sticker: the fashion marketing object

Also called an adhesive, thesticker is a small poster designed to adhere to a multitude of supports. In fashion for several years, this promotional material is very effective in advertising campaigns. Customizable at will, stickers can take the form of texts.

In this case, they allow companies to advertise your offers and services. Stickers are also tools that can be hung anywhere and do not go unnoticed. It is for this reason that some companies put them directly on their professional vehicles, especially when they drive a lot every day. To make this type of booking, it is necessary to pay between 100 and 180 euros. It should also be noted that individuals can help you in this process! Websites offer French people who travel many miles and visit very attractive places to stick a sticker promoting a company on their personal vehicle. For a fee, the individual distributes his company’s brand throughout France.

Where to buy your marketing materials?

The purchase of your advertising material in a web site It’s a good way to save money, especially if you want a lot of copies. If you choose this option, you will have to choose an experienced editor to have good quality objects.
A good editor should:

  • guarantee you an excellent quality/price ratio;
  • we offer you a wide range of models for your prints;
  • advise you on design, formatting and be able to alert you in case of insufficient resolution, inappropriate color choices or otherwise;
  • offer impeccable customer service: quick responses, order tracking, good relationship.

When visiting the Bizay website, for example, you may request various marketing materials.

By opting for the various marketing objects mentioned above, you will be able to promote your business. To obtain them, turn to professionals in the field of printing marketing materials, who will be able to meet all your requests and requirements related to your core business.

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