what car to buy from €17,390 to €60,000?

New vehicle sales are falling. The predictions for the year 2022 are not good for manufacturers who even refuse to take orders for certain models, as the tension on semiconductors and supplies is strong.

In March, 181,134 vehicles were registered, a drop of more than 21% compared to the same period last year. However, the 100% electric car market is doing well. In March, the share of electric vehicles was 13.5% of the total number of license plates.

Electric and heavy trend

All manufacturers rely on electric motorization, including in the utilities area. Alliance announces 35 new electric models between Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi; the Volkswagen group and Stellantis are on electric forced march, as well as Volvo, Toyota (17 projects under development) or even BMW.

As for Korea, the Hyundai group has just launched Kia’s EV6. Finally, China is increasingly present, including in France with the MG offensive.

Below 30,000 euros, three offers

To make your choice easier, we have compiled our list according to the undeducted bonus sale price.

– For less than 20,000 euros, it is the Dacia Spring that appears, with 17,390 euros. Today it is the fourth sale on the market and, despite its very low price like other Dacia products, the Spring made in China is not impeccable. It sold 14,228 as of February 2022.

– At €25,400 we find the first 95 hp Fiat 500e and the 82 hp Smart at €27,350. Three proposals dedicated to the city.

Based on the common thermal platform, the e-208 does not lose in habitability. If the engine delivers 136 hp in Sport mode, it is better to play in Normal mode (109 hp) or Eco mode to save autonomy. Insufficient autonomy to make good use of it. Photo PSA/Stelantis

From €30,000 to €40,000, 25 proposals

Classified by manufacturer, here are the models between €30,000 and €39,999. From the city car, but also from the compact and SUV.

– Chinese brand Aiways sells its only electric SUV for €39,300.

– Citroën offers ë C4 and ë Berlingo respectively for €36,300 and €35,300, both with a power output of 136 hp.

– At Fiat, the 500 and 42 kWh are €30,200.

– Honda features two Honda powers and for €36,670 (136 hp) and €39,670 (153 hp).

– At Hyundai, the Ioniq 1 costs €35,200 and the Kona starts at €35,100 and ends at €39,900 (204 hp).

– At Kia, the e Soul costs €34,990 (136 hp) or €38,990 at 204 hp.

– Mazda sells its MX 30 SUV from €34,650 with 145 hp and reduced autonomy.

– The Chinese MG only sells electric cars: ZS EV from €30,990 and the MG5, the only electric van on the market, from €32,490.

– At Nissan, the 150hp Leaf starts at €34,400 and the 217hp Leaf starts at €38,200.

– At Opel, the 136 hp PSA electric block is used for the Corsa-e (€32,000) and Mokka-e (€36,900).

– Three Peugeot vehicles: e-208 at €33,250, e-2008 from €37,500 and e-Rifter at €36,400.

– For Renault, the Zoe R110 is at €32,100, R135 at €35,300 and the first Mégane E-TECH 131 hp is at €35,200.

– At SEAT, the first Enyaq 150 hp costs €37,930, while the VW ID.3 is available from €39,300.

Mercedes EQB

Mercedes EQB

Many people between 40 and 60,000 €

For the first time, we will find premium brands: Audi, BMW, Lexus, Mercedes and Volvo.

– At Audi, the Q4 e-tron 35 starts at €42,800, the 40 at €48,700 and the 45 at €59,700 (265 hp).

– At BMW, the i4 starts at €59,700.

– The Cupra Born costs €40,250 (204 hp).

– The Mustang Mach E’s small horsepower (76 kWh / 269 hp) starts at €53,000.

– At Hyundai, the Ioniq 5 is sold between €43,600 and €59,900 depending on power; among Kia’s cousins, the Niro EV costs €41,990 and the big EV6 (Car of the Year 2022) starts at €47,990.

– Lexus presents the UX 300 and from €49,990.

– At Mercedes, the EQB starts at €54,700. MG sells the Marvel SUV from €44,990 (180 hp).

– At Nissan, the new Ariya starts at €46,400, but the most powerful goes over €60,000.

– Peugeot offers the e-Traveller from €56,700 for 136 hp…

– At Seat, the Enyaq iV (between 180 and 265 hp) is sold between €43,200 and €52,030.

– The VW ID.4 sells between €41,500 and €54,450.

– Finally, at Volvo, the C40 (231 hp) costs €46,800, while the XC 40 (two engines and 408 hp) costs €57,000.

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