urgency is sobriety and the fight against waste

During the last ChangeNOW Summit, which took place in Paris from the 19th to the 21st of May 2022, with the aim of accelerating the transition to a sustainable world and helping these solutions to develop on a large scale, providing them with maximum visibility and opportunities , the young company Ecojoko announced the color: ” Sobriety is at the heart of the energy transition “.

As this energy-saving player, which offers a solution that allows everyone to make real savings in terms of electricity consumption, states: “ Claiming to work on transition without rethinking our consumption is a myth that it is time to deconstruct. The better use of resources is a fundamental part of the ecological transition, and the energy sector is one of the sectors that needs to be shaken up on the subject. “.

If for Ecojoko sobriety should not be considered a punishment, but a trend that brings meaning and well-being, it is time to review our consumption patterns. This obviously involves short circuits and bulk purchases or second-hand clothes or even the refurbishment of appliances and technological products. A change in behavior adopted by what are now called “consumer actors”, who are struggling to find their place in the energy field.

The energy bill, which went from 32 euros per mWh (megawatt hour) in 2020 to more than 200 euros in two years, could change the situation. The war in Ukraine highlighted the fragility of the European and French energy model. Obviously, our country must regain energy independence, whether nuclear or renewable, at a rate acceptable to all families. The State will not be able to constantly meet the needs with band-aids such as the tariff shield implemented last winter and which will end next August. A risk for the poorest who may no longer be able to warm up next winter.

“The greenest energy is the one we don’t consume”

More than ever, we must act collectively. It is not just the business of the State and the policies of those who govern this country, but of each and every one of us. “The greenest energy is the one we don’t consume”, declared the company Ecojoko at the last ChangeNOW summit. The young company therefore sets out to hunt for waste and, above all, consumption that is not really useful for our comfort, for example the waiting systems of certain appliances or their poor regulation or lack of cleanliness, for example electric heaters and refrigerators. loaded with dust.

We all wonder where to start when it comes to doing our part for the planet. » declared Laurent Bernard, CEO and co-founder of Ecojoko during the ChangeNOW Summit in Paris. ” With our 10,000 customers and an average drop of 18% in consumption, we demonstrate that this change is possible now and on a large scale! For us, the heroes of change are the people who want to test new ways of consuming, they are the people we want to meet on ChangeNOW “.

Since 2017, Ecojoko has put its artificial intelligence at the service of the environment, offering a connected energy saving assistant labeled in the 1000 solutions for the planet by the Solar Impulse Foundation and the Ministry of Ecology and Transition, as well as the French Institute of Design. This wizard, which can be installed in a few minutes, allows you to observe a home’s electricity consumption in real time and understand how to become more energy-smart. The company has the ambition to equip 5% of French homes to save the equivalent of the consumption of the 4 coal-fired power stations still in operation in France.

Of course, this assistant can be ordered on the company’s website, at Leroy Merlin or Nature & Découverte, at a price: €7.99 for monthly rental (no obligation) or €199 for purchase. But that’s nothing compared to the savings everyone can make. Even more so when electricity prices go up.

For more information: www.ecojoko.com/

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