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On May 26, the prestigious “CIO of the Year Awards” was presented. The annual event jointly organized by IT World Canada (a sister publication of IT management) and the CIO Association of Canada, which is in its 11th The edition crowns the achievements of Canadian IT CEOs.

Four awards were contested in the private sector, public sector, non-profit categories and the Next Generation Leader Award, given to a leader who has demonstrated consistent excellence, who is recognized for his management and innovation practices and who demonstrates real potential to be a leader. of the future in the technology sector.

Private sector

As a sign of the high quality of the applications received, this year saw the crowning of two winners in the private sector category.

We meet there Julie LevesqueSenior Executive Vice President, Information Technology, National Bank of Canada (NBC), Canada’s sixth largest bank.

Julie Lévesque was appointed to this position in 2020. She was able to demonstrate her qualities as a communicator and her great understanding of corporate culture combined with excellent technical skills that contributed to her success in this position.

The bank was suffering from a large “technology deficit” when he arrived. She saw this as an opportunity to launch a major transformation program that would affect every aspect of BNC’s technologies and impact each of its 3,000 employees. How she led this transformation is as important as the transformation itself.

For more details on Julie Lévesque visit the website IT World Canada.

Sharing first place in this category, Rex LeeCanadian Tire Corporation Chief Information Officer.

Rex Lee led the team responsible for breaking down and rebuilding Canadian Tire’s e-commerce platform so it could go from processing 5,000 orders a day before the pandemic to a peak of 120,000 orders a day at the height of the pandemic shutdowns. Two years of work were completed in just six weeks and resulted in the company’s e-commerce growing by 30% to $2 billion in 2021.

For more details on Rex Lee visit the website IT World Canada.

Public sector

In the public sector, the award this year goes to Mohammad QureshiInformation Officer and Associate Deputy Minister of the Government of Ontario.

At Government Information Technology Ontario (GovTechON), he leads an organization of more than 4,000 technologists dedicated to achieving the Ontario government’s goal of being the leading digital jurisdiction. With more than 20 years in the public service, its mission remains the same: enabling the public sector to reap the benefits of digital transformation.

First named Ontario’s Chief Security Officer in 2018, he became Chief Information Officer for Infrastructure Technology Services (ITS) in 2019. Leading over 1,000 employees, Mohammad Qureshi has led ITS and provides essential technology solutions to drive businesses forward and support the response to the pandemic.

For more details about Mohammad Qureshi (in English) see the website IT World Canada.

non-profit organizations

In the category of non-profit organizations, the distinction is given to Mazen Joukhadarvice president and chief information officer for privacy and security for TransForm SSO.

Mazen Joukhadar’s nomination for the award illustrates the power of service-sharing collaborations to transform a group of organizations to achieve the greater goal of improving health. It’s proof that even individually governed organizations can benefit from a shared services model when they have strong leadership.

TransForm SSO serves 5 advanced care hospitals in southwestern Ontario. Over the past four years, these hospitals have moved from paper records to a fully electronic system through the implementation of an end-to-end digital regional health record system. Mazen’s team has had to adapt due to the pandemic, investing in collaboration tools to support the grand clinical transformation.

For more details on Mazen Joukhadar, see the IT World Canada website.

Next Generation Leader Award

The winner in the 2022 Next Generation Leader Award category is Pedalino MattChief Information Officer, Harrison Pensa, LLP.

As the CIO of a 200-person law firm in London, Ontario, Matt Pedalino was nominated for this award by his predecessor who said of him, “Matt doesn’t just look after my 21 years of knowledge within the firm, he’s currently managing the moving the company to a new building, replacing our enterprise accounting software and server solution, he completed a SOC 2 program and manages the second year audit. In addition, he leads a new development team to support a new product SaaS we provide to customers who also perform security audits. »

For more details on Matt Pedalino, see IT World Canada.

Congratulations to all the winners of the 2022 edition of the “CIO of the Year Awards”.

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