The Green Leaf dreams big

THE BUSINESS. The company La Feuille verte is dreaming big, now that it is sure to be able to continue its activities on the former site of the Levinoff-Colbex slaughterhouse in Saint-Cyrille-de-Wendover.

Recently, Dany Lefebvre, President and CEO of La Feuille verte, and his team received the response they had been waiting for four years. The Commission de protection du territoire agricole du Québec (CPTAQ) authorized a change in the vocation of agricultural land. Thus, the company can pursue its mission, namely the processing of hemp and possibly cannabis, research and experimentation, as well as the storage and distribution of products. The green light was also given for the construction of a public road on the site.

“We are so happy. This is a relief, because the CPTAQ objected in the preliminary session. We have been in the process for four years. We had to be strategic and expose our points; to make people understand that it was unreasonable to move”, he explains. Mr Lefebvre.

Since 2018, all operations related to the production of the main Green Leaf products, namely Chanv (body care), Crocx (pet food) and Kombuchanv (health drink) and those related to marketing and research and development are carried out in the former slaughterhouse facilities. Levinoff-Colbex with an area of ​​65,000 square feet. About 4.2 hectares of arable land adjacent to the building. This vast site provides the company with sufficient development capacity for years to come.

“Currently, only 5% of the land area is used. The potential for development is great”, indicates the CEO, stressing that a second season of canna-turismo will take place this summer.

“The favorable response of CPTAQ allows, first of all, to guarantee and support the growth of CHANV and Crocx. But it also allows us to dream big. It makes us think that this plant (hemp) is going to take up more and more space in our lives,” he adds.

On the terrace, Dany Lefebvre examines the quality of the varieties grown. (File photo Ghyslain Bergeron)

Dany Lefebvre wants, in particular, to attract companies to set up in the Folha Verde land so that they all work in complementarity, with a view to the circular economy.

“I see it as a kind of ecosystem of companies that would exploit the whole hemp plant. Currently here at Green Leaf we only use the flower of the plant, but everything is usable from root to flower. Perhaps a company could use the rods, for example, to make boxes? It would be great if one day that happens. Just imagine, our products can be packed on site by packaging made from the same plant. It would save a lot of transportation, so in terms of GHG savings, it’s perfect. In short, there are several benefits to embarking on a circular economy approach,” argues Mr. Lefebvre.

It aspires to one day compete with the biggest cosmetics names in the world, such as Procter & Gamble, L’Oréal and Johnson & Johnson.

“In 20 or 30 years, I see the company becoming a local flagship, as was the case, for example, with Cascades”, says the ambitious manager.

Until then, he and his team prepare the market outside Quebec for their CHANV brand.

“We are on the growth line outside of Quebec for this brand in 2024, which coincides with the company’s 20th anniversary. In addition, we got grants for that”, he communicates.

La Feuille verte has an industrial hemp license issued by Health Canada. It also has a license to grow, process and sell cannabis for medicinal purposes. The Cyrillic company mainly manufactures hemp oil and seeds, oil capsules, cosmetics such as shampoos, soaps and creams, as well as animal products, food and beverages. It generates about fifty jobs and expects to increase between 150 and 200 employees in the coming years.

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