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Revelations. It was Michel Le Goc who made it possible for Israel to obtain replacement parts for the French Mirage from Israel. He managed to bypass France’s boycott in 1967. The real story was never told. France had blocked the delivery of Mirages to Israel because of the embargo on the sale of arms to the Jewish state, decided by General de Gaulle at the end of the Six-Day War.

It was Le Goc that allowed me to understand the unique bond between the Dassault family and Israel.

Who was Michel Le Goc (died January 29, 2017 in Crans Montana, Switzerland)? Michel Le Goc, a great resister and General Leclerc’s pilot in Indochina, taught at theamerican university technology transfers from Washington. In 2005, he recounted his struggles and commitments in a memoir whose title, fraternally, by itself translates a deeply humanist vision. Michel Le Goc died in Crans-Montana in January 2017.

(Michel Le Goc: “Commander of the Legion of Honor, Grand Officer of the National Order of Merit, Croix de guerre 1939-1945, holder of the Medals of the Resistance, of Free France, of the Fugitives, as well as of the Academic Palms, Michel Le Goc, who was a pilot for Marshal Leclerc in Indochina, taught technology transfer at the University of Geneva and the American University in Washington, D.C. At age 95, he was honorary president of the Swiss section of the Society for the Mutual Aid of Members of the Legion of Honor”).

Dassault Aviation is present in the military field and in business aviation. Elbit Systems is an Israeli high-tech flagship with over 13,000 employees and offers Land/Air/Sea embedded systems.

Elbit also operates in commercial aviation, offering high technology products that are sources of differentiation for its customers.

Dassault and Elbit decided to cooperate to develop the most advanced system on the market that includes a head-up piloting system associated with a very high performance camera.

It is intended to equip the cockpit of the latest flagship of Dassault’s business jets: the Falcon 5X. The trophy is awarded to Mr. Eric Trappier, President of Dassault Aviation and Betsalel Makhlis, President of Elbit Systems.


As the life sciences ecosystem struggles to contain and combat the COVID-19 outbreak, researchers at Israel’s Migal Galilee Research Institute are using Dassault Systèmes’ BIOVIA apps to accelerate their R&D work and develop a potential vaccine against the virus. SARS-CoV-2.

Instituto Migal has been using BIOVIA applications for four years, in addition to a set of calculation tools in the context of multidisciplinary research dedicated to vaccine development projects against avian coronavirus. When COVID-19 became a pandemic, this university R&D center specializing in plant sciences, agriculture, environmental sciences, informatics, nutrition and biotechnology began using these applications and calculation tools to study mutations in COVID-19 with the aim of of discovering a vaccine against the new human coronavirus. This vaccine should be ready for preclinical in vivo trials within 90 days.

In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE platform and digital applications can help the healthcare ecosystem manage clinical research and development, manufacturing and patient care.

By using BIOVIA solutions in its R&D work against COVID-19, the Migal Galilee Research Institute can guide its laboratory experiment management processes, taking advantage of a digital approach that accelerates the result of its research.

Its scientists can quickly process and analyze data collected over the past four years and model the behavior of viral proteins as well as the evolution of their predicted neutralizing epitopes. They can thus rationalize the outcome of trials based on different aspects of previous research and decide which research strategies to apply in the future.

The BIOVIA Pipeline Pilot platform simplifies the research innovation cycle by supporting the rapid development and deployment of data science workflows that accelerate the discovery of actionable scientific insights.

In turn, the BIOVIA Discovery Studio app offers a comprehensive set of modeling and simulation methods that explore the nuances of protein chemistry and support the discovery and development of small and large molecule therapies, from target identification to optimization. of leads.


The automotive industry has been undergoing a real transformation for several years with the advent of autonomous driving technologies and Dassault Systèmes, whose PLM design and solutions are very much present in the car, cannot ignore this fact.
He made the announcement on January 8 during CES 2019 of a strategic partnership with Israeli startup Cognata, based in Ness Ziona. The latter has developed a set of software dedicated to the simulation of autonomous driving that responds to the problem of training its driving systems. In fact, certifying the systems will require them to cover more than 10 billion kilometers, a proportion impossible to achieve with road tests alone. Cognata is able to reproduce highly realistic 3D environments (city, road, traffic, road user behavior) to virtualize most of these tests. As part of this partnership, the Cognata solution will now be offered within the Dassault Systèmes 3DExpérience platform.
This gives manufacturers access to a simplified path to data. For example, an engineer will be able to put a sensor in the car into CATIA with many standardized requirements, then run tests and simulations via Cognata, see what works and what doesn’t, make the appropriate modifications and test them again, all without leaving the Experience Platform 3DE
It’s the same horizontal approach (to cover the entire value chain) that Dassault Systèmes has been promoting for several years. For the company, this partnership is a first step, whose objective is also to show that the 3DS group intends to become a reference player in the area of ​​autonomous driving, because theThe vehicle has now become a system and autonomous driving will be a key element.
And Cognata is an interesting partner because it has several patents, especially with regard to computer vision.


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