[PropTech] Masteos, a startup to conquer the lucrative rental investment market

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For this week dedicated to innovative PropTech companies in France, we welcome Thierry Vignal, president and co-founder of the startup Masteos. Specialized in the management of rental investments, Masteos is located in an increasingly broad market. In fact, rental investment in France is estimated to represent a third of property purchases, a figure that has continued to grow in recent years despite the crisis.

“The reason is very simple”says Thierry Vignal. “In France, we are the European champions of rental investment because we have access to very generous bank leverage. Intake levels, for example, in Spain, Portugal, Greece or Italy are much closer to 30 or 40%, which is gigantic. This deprives a very large proportion of households of rental investment in these countries.”

A small market with great potential

The accessibility of the rental investment market in France has prompted other entrepreneurs to start, such as Beanstock, founded by two former employees of the Spanish unicorn Glovo. For Thierry Vignal, this sector is still in its infancy, but it offers significant added value compared to traditional players in the real estate sector.

“This sector, which we call the buy-side (because we are on the buy-side) is very small. The Buy-side, in the rental investment market, represents 2%. Our competitors are all traditional, sell-side agencies that are limited to connecting a buyer and a seller”he explains. “The expertise needed in the rental sector is immense. There is a very strong technical need, and we believe that traditional agents are not relevant in this sector, but they are much more in the main residences”.

PropTech, the “big forgotten” funds?

“PropTech is a sector that concerns 100% of the population, but is little noticed by investors. The rental market in France is estimated at 10 billion euros, against 50 billion in Europe, but no startup addresses this issue.”angers the president of Masteos. “I have the impression that venture capital funds are not concerned with the largest sector of the world economy, which is real estate. It’s the great forgotten one, for reasons I don’t know. »

However, fundraising at PropTech in France is becoming more and more numerous and sometimes reaches significant amounts from the seed round. This is particularly the case with startup Prello, which launched a service that allows individuals to buy a second home together, in co-ownership, and which raised 15 million euros just 6 months after its launch. “It is encouraging that funds are increasingly active, we are seeing really advanced technology, not just gimmicks, but real technology that enhances the real estate investor experience”tempers Thierry Vignal.

With 370 employees, Masteos has technological ambitions, to which 40 internal promoters are dedicated, as well as a European vision. The startup, founded by Maxime Hanquier and Thierry Vignal in 2019, has opened offices in Spain and Belgium to allow French people to invest abroad. Masteos, which is present locally in the cities where it operates, has more than 150 employees dedicated to the work, including plumbers, workers, electricians, architects and decorators.

Check out the full interview with Thierry Vignal, president and co-founder of Masteos:

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