Professional mobility: 5 steps to change region

Changing region, company or profession requires preparation, but there is no lack of help and organizations capable of advising or even taking charge of this turnaround. Here are five essential in-depth review points before you pack your bags and be parachuted into the theater of new professional and family adventures.

1. Negotiate your professional turn

You undergo the region change. Your professional mobility is hampered because your company has decided to move completely or partially. “Do not hesitate to negotiate with your employer all the professional and material conditions of this life change”, explains Sophie Girault, from the relocation agency Sofime in Paris. “Most of the time, your employer will cover a large part of the costs of moving and relocating, or even more, the children’s sports club, for example.” Also negotiate your new status with the company. You are forced to move, which is nothing to you and your family. Don’t hesitate to ask for a raise or a better status, now is the time.

You choose to live somewhere else. It is you who decides to slam the door or change your life. Extreme caution is recommended. “It is necessary to take some time and take a step back, not be in a hurry and distrust the fantasies of an ideal job and the little house on the prairie…”, warns the founder of Sofime. Make a list prioritizing your priorities and values. What do I lose, what do I gain? If this or that region is your first choice, carefully look at the types of jobs and the local hiring rate, local growth and wealth. In short, investigate local economic networks. Either way, get support by doing a skills assessment, even if it means training.

The regions have their very effective attraction agencies: Arsene in the Eure, Attitude Manche, Corrèze conciergerie… Don’t forget the chambers of commerce and industry. List of regional economic agencies:

2. Think about work-life balance

And your spouse in all this? And the children on this adventure? “It’s obviously fundamental, even vital,” says Sophie Girault. “Will my husband or wife have to resign? What are the consequences for the family’s budget and lifestyle? If my spouse wants to continue working, an upstream job search is essential.” For the specialist, “without the full support of the spouse and children, especially teenagers, all this can be doomed to failure. You have to talk and talk and talk again, the help of an outsourced psychologist can even be very useful”, concludes Sophie Girault.

The Paris platform I leave you brings together all those who want a change of scenery. Testimonies, exchanges, sharing…

3. Call the professionals!

Relocation agencies are true “babysitters”. They will try to find you the ideal accommodation, not far from the company’s headquarters, with an optimized transport time, they take care of the technical and administrative tasks, right down to the gas and electricity connection, the children’s enrollment in the dream school or sports club . “Above all, we organized a reconnaissance visit on site with the family,” says Sophie Girault. “This allows us to train our clients efficiently and with full knowledge of the facts. We discover together the city, the neighbourhoods, the means of transport, the schools. We do very human work and there is a real stake: the new life of a family is compromised…”

The most popular relocation agencies for employees and companies: Executive Relocation, CSU, Serva Relocation, Crown Relocations, Cartus, MRS Management, Your Story in Paris, Altair, Helma, Sofime…

4. Seek financial assistance

You can benefit from job mobility support if you are employed by a non-agricultural private sector company with 10 or more workers, if you have to change residence following a job placement or transfer. This aid finances the search for accommodation, provided that it is transferred at least 70 km (or more than 1h15 of travel) from the former residence. But also the individual accompaniment of the family and the accomplishment of the administrative procedures. Count between 3,000 and 5,000 euros for a family. A loan with near zero interest can also be granted to you.

Action Logement MOBILI PASS grant: Such. 0970 800 800 (toll-free call).

5. Business leaders, know how to organize

It’s not easy to move all or part of your business. “It happens that the employees look gray”, admits the founder of Sofime. Some golden rules that the boss must respect: inform the choice well in advance and, above all, explain it, justify it, then leave time for the employees to digest the news. Proceed in stages. Finding suitable and pleasant new facilities and preparing for landing by introducing personnel to the region, working out specifications and meticulous planning, appointing a move coordinator.

Two useful websites for professionals: or actualité

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