Metalor, an exceptional company from Courville-sur-Eure, decides to modernize itself to face the Chinese

Metalor Technologies France in Courville-sur-Eure is undergoing a double revolution. The specialist in transforming alloys and pseudo-alloys of precious metals into electrical contacts has lived there since 1963, but has always opted for discretion. There, she engages in a strategy of opening up to her territory. His second revolution is industrial.

Metalor is modernizing and investing in the transformation of its website to prepare it for the promising future of digital technology, robotics and automation.

The Chinese are coming to the market

Michel Moreno, director of the Courville website, Christophe François, financial director, and the management committee team welcomed Harold Huwart, vice president of the Regional Council responsible for economic development, as well as Stéphane Cordier, responsible for companies in the Centro-Val Region de Loire, Friday, May 13th.

The regional representative was present as part of the assistance provided by the community within the scope of the fund for accelerating industrial investments in the territories. “We are in an Electrotechnical Business Group plant that is part of a more global group called Metalor. The latter was purchased four years ago by the Japanese industrial group Tanaka. Here, we employ 300 people”, says the manager.

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For Harold Huwart, the intervention of local authorities is carried out in this company because there is “a dimension of relocation and a dimension of a strategic sector in France, without forgetting the recycling of metals and sensitive materials and the presence of Metalor internationally. »

Metalor operates in a market niche occupied for years by European manufacturers (Legrand, Schneider Electric, Siemens, etc.). She had accompanied her clients to China.“Now these customers are returning to Europe, bringing with them Chinese competitors who have developed real know-how. The competition is now global”, says Christophe François who thinks it was time to move. The Chinese have demonstrated an enormous capacity for investment.

Supported by the experience of its 300 employees, Metalor develops, manufactures and sells electrical contacts based on precious metals, of which it is one of the European leaders, for its international industrial customers. Its high value-added products are present in the equipment needed for energy distribution, production of renewable energies and contribute to electrification in the aeronautical, railway and automotive areas.

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The pilot investment project (digital assembly line, robotization and automation of impregnation and cutting operations) foreshadows an ambitious program of transformation of the site, within a five-year horizon. “The rationalization of the product portfolio, the optimization of production flows, the modernization of the industrial park and a greater effort in the training of teams are essential for the competitiveness and sustainability of the company. Ultimately, this project will guarantee the maintenance of jobs and the creation of 20 more jobs in the next 3 years”, concludes the manager.

in numbers

€ 4,000,000 is the modernization investment prepared by the Metalor team at the Courville-sur-Eure site. This is just the first step in a long series that allows Metalor to maintain its positions in its markets.
€ 400,000 aid granted by the Centro-Val de Loire Region to Metalor for the realization of its investment.

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