Legislative 2022. Nicolas Karasiewicz, visually impaired business manager, is a candidate in Lille

Nicolas Karasiewicz is a candidate in the 2nd district of the North, with his deputy, Guillaume Delacher. Both are visually impaired and are committed to carrying out projects that are “useful for all”. (©MN/Lille news)

Nicholas Karasiewicz hesitated between two constituencies, the 11and from Pas-de-Calaiswhich includes his hometown of Hénin-Beaumont and the 2and of city ​​of Lille (North), which he eventually chose. because for the candidate for the 2022 legislative elections“To represent the inhabitants well, it is necessary to live [dans le secteur]“, namely Ronchin, where the 35-year-old father settled a year ago.

What motivated him to get involved, for the first time, in an electoral campaign was the desire to work in favor of the representation of people with disabilities, particularly in the political sphere. Because Nicolas Karasiewicz, as his deputy Guilherme DelacherIt is visually impaired since its birth.

“Useful for everyone” ideas

“20% of the French population is disabled, and the only deputy, until then, with a disability in the National Assembly, or at least who took it, was Damien Abad, who is now a minister,” explains the candidate, who works as a business manager. , or more precisely as “awakening of conscience”. His ambition is clear, he wants to detach disability from the themes that are tirelessly associated with it: health and medico-social.

In my opinion, we need a more transversal view of the subject, and bring this inclusive brick to all spheres. Disabled people are citizens, customers like everyone else, who have something to say about purchasing power, but also about sport, the field of business… We bring ideas that will be useful to everyone.

Nicholas Karasiewicz, Candidate for legislative elections in Lille.

In the official lists, the city hall stamped it as “diverse centers”, which pleases the candidate. “I don’t recognize myself in the extremes, whether it’s the RN or the LFI. I tend to agree with the formula ‘being on the left and having ideas on the right, and being on the right and having ideas on the left’. I want to invite people to mobilise, because there are those who think that the outgoing parliamentarian will be reelected anyway. “The reception of the candidacy of a candidate “on the sidelines” has been very good so far, according to Nicolas Karasiewicz: “People are surprised, but we feel at the same time that it was time. »

Fairer transport prices, promoting coexistence…

He details the points of his program, starting with “reverse innovation”, which he defines as follows: “How are we going to think of very specific solutions that will be useful to everyone”. The example he gives is the access ramp, which we know is essential for people with disabilities, but which would be useful for people with temporarily reduced mobility, the elderly or even parents with strollers. “It is in this type of situation that we must base ourselves when thinking about public policies”, affirms Nicolas Karasiewicz.

Among the other main axes, a half-day a year imposed in schools to raise awareness of the challenges of coexistence, the guarantee of financial autonomy for people with disabilities and a fairer pricing policy for public transport. Guillaume Delacher, deputy, thus evokes the Parisian example, where a subscription allows you to travel on the metro, RER or trains. At 38 years old, he is also a business manager (in cosmetics) and a trainer in digital accessibility. Its mission is to fix non-accessibility of smartphone apps, for example by notifying developers.

The duo intends, with their candidacy, to “shake the codes”, keeping, of course, as close as possible to the concerns of the people of Lille. “We want to talk to everyone”, concludes Nicolas Karasiewicz.

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