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France’s leading moving platform, DES BRAS EN+ wanted to know if the French have moved much more home since the health crisis.

A real trend observed in the last 2 years, the fact of leaving the 3 or 4 bedroom apartment in the heart of the city to settle in a greener environment shows a real change in the desires of the French. The 1st online site that allows you to book your move 24 hours a day, wanted to measure this phenomenon and carried out a large study* based on bookings made on its website from 1 to 31 January 2021 compared to the same period in 2020. Note that the results are uplifting!

Yes, the number of moves has exploded by +60% due to the generalization of telecommuting in 2021!

Parisians are leaving the capital for La Rochelle, Lyon, Nantes and Lille as a priority.

La Rochelle, Le Mans and Bayonne are at the top of the cities where the French settle the most! Telecommuting, which exploded during the health crisis and then spread to most businesses to the point that it has now become the norm for one, two or three days a week, has had other consequences, such as an explosion in the number of movements. Parisians have settled in the suburbs, 20, 30 or even 40 km from Paris, or even further in Normandy, Eure or even Bordeaux or Marseille and now only come to Ile-de-France two days a week. The Lyonnais went to settle in Ain or Bugey… The Marseillaises traded their small 3-bedroom apartment to buy a charming little house in the countryside. Everywhere, the same phenomenon was observed in France in 2021. City dwellers, during the pandemic and even after, bought larger properties with a balcony, terrace, small green space or garden… The call of the barbecue and more space was fatal towards the great metropolises and the French clearly abandoned the centers of the metropolises. Quality of life emerged in the last 18 months as the number 1 priority and resulted in new habits of the French population who have been looking to rent or buy larger properties, close to the coast, in the mountains or in the countryside! The leading moving booking platform in France, DES BRAS EN+, saw its call numbers explode in 2021 and wanted to know more. She’s done a great study* on change that she’s happy to publish below.

1 – Explosion in the number of moves in 2021 by +60%!

The first criterion studied by Des Bras en Plus concerns the number of movements actually carried out in 2021 compared to 2020 through its platform. Economists and sociologists have noticed an explosion in the desire to move to France in 2021. But between the desire and the fulfillment, there is often a big step. What really happened to the leader in removals in France? Did the French really move during and after the pandemic?

the answer is clear ! YES, the number of moves exploded in 2021 by +60%.

Of course, the impact of the health crisis lasted throughout 2021. The French have clearly changed their aspirations. The health crisis and successive confinements acted as a real estate developer for many French people. Spending a lot more time at his house has changed the way we look at him. There was a strong desire for change, from the lightest to the most radical: decoration, renovation of furniture, remodeling works, even the expansion of houses… and of course change!

As of September 2021, the number of homebuyers looking for a property has increased across all studies and a few months later, the notaries announced an all-time record in transaction volume. The health crisis created a real rupture in the criteria for looking for accommodation, illustrated by a desire, on the one hand, for cheaper cities than the big ones and, on the other hand, by the demand for individual houses.

This enthusiasm has resulted in a boom in removals and a never-before-seen increase of +60% on the leading removals site in France. desbrasenplus. with.

2 – Top 4 of the most requested tripss

The 2nd point studied by Des Bras en Plus consisted of finding, among all the movements carried out by the start-up in 2021, which were the most booked routes.

La Rochelle, acclaimed for its proximity to the sea and less than 3 hours from Paris

Located less than three hours from Paris by TGV, La Rochelle in Charente-Maritime has become the most coveted city for French ready to move according to the DES BRAS EN+ barometer.

La Rochelle has long attracted buyers from other departments. The arrival of the TGV in the 90s was an incredible boost. Now less than 3 hours from Paris, the call for the capital is not the only asset of this average city. Its temperate climate, its quality infrastructure, its dynamic cultural life and, of course, its proximity to the sea are all assets that have won over the inhabitants of the Ile-de-France region.

After Covid-19, La Rochelle has become an iconic destination for young workers, but also for the elderly. Thanks to telework, Parisians have emerged from the second confinement. The pre-retirees decided to invest in stone for fear of the future. Some acquired a main residence and others a pied-à-terre.

Lyon for its economic attractiveness and its position close to the mountains

It’s no surprise that the capital of Gaul comes in second behind La Rochelle. “Big cities remain as attractive as ever,” says Zafar Baryali, co-founder of Des Bras en Plus. Reputed to be one of the cities in Europe where people live best, Lyon benefits from the development of a major economic center and is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It also has more than 400 kilometers of cycle paths. Each year, it attracts many students or families who rely on its competitiveness clusters to settle there. But living in Lyon also means being able to easily spend a weekend in the mountains in 2 hours, enjoy Switzerland or Lake Annecy in a few hours. A mix of economic attractiveness and the possibility of practicing skiing or other sports that pays off!

Nantes for its growth and beach getaways in less than 1 hour

Amid an economic boom with the creation of more than 9,500 jobs in the private sector in 2019, while its urban area gains about 15,000 inhabitants each year and has one of the highest population growths in the country, Nantes has a growth rate of salaried employees. employment of over 21% since 2009, compared to 6% in France on average. Its unemployment rate is below average at 6.7%. The presence of numerous training centers (Universities, Escola de Minas, Centrale, Epitech, Audencia, etc.) also continues to be an asset for the city and companies. But it is also the proximity to the beaches of the Atlantic that seduces Parisians and convinces them to settle there. Weekend or day trips are quite possible throughout northern Brittany, on the islands in the Atlantic (Islands of Yeu, Noirmoutier, Ré, Oléron) and on the coast to enjoy sailing or kitesurfing in La Baule or Pornic in 1 hour!

Lille, 1 hour from Paris by TGV!

Ideally located in the heart of the Paris-Brussels-London triangle, the capital of Nord-Pas-de-Calais has something to attract investors, families and students.

A cultural, dynamic, connected, tourist and student city, Lille opens up to the future. Its privileged geographical location has shown renewed vitality and attractiveness in recent years. 1 hour from Paris, it offers the great advantage of allowing you to work in Paris two days a week and spend the other three days a week teleworking in a house with a garden!

3 – Ranking of the most requested installation cities

For the 3rd point of his study, the removal leader wanted to know what were the most desired destinations? In which city did the French settle the most in 2021 for their new life?

In this last ranking, we find the cities acclaimed by Parisians, but also new agglomerations close to the sea and adored by the French, such as Bayonne, Nice, Lorient or Brest. More than ever, the beaches, the possibility of practicing sailing, surfing, kitesurfing or other nautical activities are attractive! Le Mans and Angers are in this Top 8 due to their proximity to Paris and their attractiveness in terms of prices. The French move more, of course, but to improve their quality of life and be able to taste oysters, mussels or grilled fish by a lake or beach.

* Study carried out on 10,240 transactions carried out by Des Bras en Plus between January 1, 2021 and December 31, 2021 compared to the 6,400 transactions carried out in the previous year between January 1, 2020 and December 31, 2020.

About Des Bras en Plus:

With over 98% customer satisfaction, Des Bras en Plus is one of the most qualitative players in the moving market. For this, Des Bras en Plus has surrounded itself with the best moving companies in France and brought them together around a common structure: the DBEP FAMILY. The quality of the network is based on two essential levers: the DBEP Academy, the training school created by Des Bras en Plus, and its real-time evaluation system. These measures thus allow, on a day-to-day basis, to be able to guarantee all customers a quality service provided by professional, trained and efficient transporters. Des Bras en Plus was created 10 years ago by Zafar Baryali and Massoud Ayati and has become a Mission Company since January 2022 with the objective: “To act for responsible mobility accessible to the greatest possible number of people”

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