A fun course born out of the pandemic

Walking in nature is already a pleasurable activity. It becomes even more so when the course turns into an outdoor escape game.

Creating fun and entertaining experiences for young and old in the parks is the mission of Parcours Ludiques, a young company founded by Dominique Gauthier, who is also creative director.

The Fun Parcours entertainment offer took off at the beginning of the pandemic.

“At the height of the first wave, the only activity families could do was go out and play. We wanted to make walking in the parks more fun thanks to our game-based concepts,” explains Mr. Gauthier.

A diversified offer

Puzzle games, discovery trails, gourmet trails… In two years, Parcours Ludiques has deployed its creations in more than 75 organizations – mainly municipalities -, safely entertaining more than 100,000 people across Quebec.

Depending on the target audience, customers can choose an existing concept from the company’s catalog and rent it for a limited time or get a tailor-made experience.

“The creative potential is great”, says Dominique Gauthier. For example, in Trois-Rivières, as part of a Christmas market, we created a one-hour gourmet tour during which families could enjoy five snacks or cocktails offered by the bars and restaurants on site. In the end, they were entitled to a private musical performance. »

A mobile app (or a web app) helps participants follow the paths, whether it’s finding information about discoveries they might make there or clues to solving puzzles.

“That way, municipalities don’t need manpower to animate the course, which is free. Nor do they need to invest in additional infrastructure. We use existing elements”, emphasizes Dominique Gauthier.

He and his creative team are not short of ideas to develop new activities. The company plans to soon offer routes for cycling, driving and even kayaking.

Influenced by Alexandre Taillefer

Before becoming an entrepreneur, Dominique Gauthier was a project manager at Moment Factory. “I felt like I wasn’t playing with my own toys. I dreamed of putting together a project from A to Z,” he says.

On his 30th birthday, his wife gave him a special gift: a one-hour meeting with businessman Alexandre Taillefer, which turned out to be an intensive course in entrepreneurship. “It was there that I had the click and that I decided to create an entertainment company. »

Before founding Parcours Ludiques, therefore, he created his first company, Trik Truk, with a partner, in 2016. “We imagined a puzzle game that transported participants into the world of Sherlock Holmes. For that, we had mounted a replica of a train from the time on a tractor-trailer and traveled to festivals and other events across the province. There, mysterious events took place that teams of two or three had to solve. »

Trik Truk also developed activities of Team consolidation that were in high demand. Then came the pandemic…

“Overnight, we went from two events a day to nothing. After the shock, we decided to create Parcours Ludiques, which quickly became a success. Our offer met a real need”, explains Dominique Gauthier.

He doesn’t give up on Trik Truk however. As soon as employers resume activities for employees, it will relaunch activities. Meanwhile, he developed an expansion plan for Parcours Ludiques to develop the Ontario market.

fun trails

  • Foundation date: 2020
  • Activities : leisure for the family
  • Shareholders: Dominique GauthierPhilippe Lapierre
  • Number of employees: 4

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