5 good reasons to buy Y-Brush, the 10-second toothbrush

This French innovation guarantees ultra-fast cleaning while guaranteeing impeccable oral hygiene. Discover the NylonMed V2 Electric Toothbrush that simplifies your dental routine while making it (significantly) more efficient.

It is a banal and so necessary gesture. Brushing your teeth is essential to avoid oral pathologies and maintain a beautiful smile. But many people find the operation tedious, especially children, and tend to rush through it.

However, this neglect not only risks the appearance of cavities and gingivitis, but can also have repercussions on the general health status in the long term. Fortunately, the French nugget Y-Brush has developed an innovative solution to ensure a quick and thorough cleaning. Your NylonMed V2 package is currently on sale for €99.99. Here are five good reasons to adopt this revolutionary toothbrush.

1# Amazing time saving

Whether using a manual or electric toothbrush, healthcare professionals recommend brushing for at least two minutes. Y-Brush NylonMed V2 guarantees a thorough and effective wash in just 10 seconds. How is this possible ? The secret lies in its shape and technology. Its operation is similar to that of a common electric toothbrush: a handle generates sonic vibrations, with a very fast frequency, and transmits them to the brush that is adapted to it. But the latter, in the form of a Y, cleans all the teeth of the same arch simultaneously.

With Y-Brush, brushing your teeth is no longer a chore. NylonMed V2 works in just ten seconds!

Five seconds is enough for the upper teeth and the same for the lower ones.. The Y-Brush NylonMed V2 therefore works in ten seconds without losing effectiveness compared to brushing two minutes with a standard product. Knowing that many don’t respect the recommended time – it’s 43 seconds on average for the French – brushing with the Y-Brush NylonMed V2 would be of better quality.

2# Proven effectiveness

Developed in close collaboration with dentists for over four years, the Y-Brush technology has demonstrated its effectiveness in numerous tests in vitro (in the laboratory) and in vivo (in real people). It reproduces the Bass method, recommended by health professionals, which aims to clean teeth with precision, through a 45 degree angle, as well as the gums and interdental spaces. The inside of the brush is lined with 35,000 nylon filaments. Very thin (diameter less than 0.1 millimeter) and positioned with the proper inclination, they can reach all surfaces in order to completely eliminate dental plaque.

The Y-Brush toothbrush head incorporates 35,000 flexible nylon filaments positioned at a 45° angle.

The Y-Brush toothbrush head incorporates 35,000 flexible nylon filaments positioned at a 45° angle.

Y-Brush NylonMed V2 is the only product of its kind on the market that is truly effective. Watch out for competing items. They are usually Asian copies, sold on sites like To wish, using large bulges of silicone that are very soft to remove dental plaque. Unrivaled in its field, the Y-Brush brush scores 4.2/5 on TrustPilot, an excellent level of satisfaction. Proof that it is suitable for everyone, its rate of return is extremely low (less than 3%).

3# Fits all mouths

The Y-Brush adapts to all jaws and all dentitions. For this, it is available in two sizes: the S is intended for children from 4 to 12 years old and people with small jaws, without wisdom teeth; the M is for everyone else. In addition, it has the advantage of being very flexible. When you chew it while washing, it will perfectly adjust to the shape of your teeth.

The Y-Brush adapts to all jaws, even those of our dear little ones!

The Y-Brush adapts to all jaws, even those of our dear little ones!

The Y-Brush NylonMed V2 also has three vibration modes to suit everyone’s sensitivity. The mildest lasts for 15 seconds, the standard works in 10 seconds, and the intensive ends in just 5 seconds. LEDs around the central button on the handle indicate the chosen mode, as well as the battery charge level; this last offer a comfortable autonomy of three months of use.

Very practical, the handle can be used with different brush heads, which allows all members of a family to use it. Each person thus has their own brush head, which must be replaced approximately every six months.

4# An innovative product made in France

Often (mis)copied by foreign brands, as we saw above, Y-Brush remains second to none. Not content with guaranteeing exceptional efficiency and ergonomics, it also allows consumers to prefer products made in France. Why this innovation was entirely developed in France.

It is produced in the tricolor company’s own factory, which also bears the name of Y-Brush, located in the Lyon region. And even the only electric toothbrush on the market manufactured in national territory ! It has already been adopted by over 60,000 of our countrymen and is also attractive internationally, now being marketed in fifty countries.

5# It is (currently) affordable for less than €100!

This toothbrush is currently on sale on the brand’s website. In fact, the NylonMed V2 package is offered at a price of €99.99 instead of €132.98 (i.e. an immediate reduction of 25%). It includes everything you need to start your adventure: a motorized handle, a size S or M brush head, a USB cable to recharge every three months and a toothpaste applicator.

There are also other well-provided packs on sale on the official website. Like the children’s pack that includes the same elements, with a brush for 4-12 years and a sheet of stickers to customize the brush. Y-Brush also offers the possibility of paying in three installments at no cost. You can also buy your products from different brands like Boulanger or Fnac-Darty, including in physical stores.

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