How to buy an electric car for not (too) expensive? – How to choose your electric car

Bet on small, first-price models

Cheap to use, electric cars, however, remain expensive to buy new ones, mainly because of the price of their batteries. To go below 15,000 euros, you have to look for mini-city cars. In this niche, the Dacia Spring is the cheapest with an entry ticket of 19,290 euros, a value that, however, continues to rise above the inflation of raw materials and the shortage of semiconductors. Deducted from the ecological bonus of €5,208 (it cannot exceed 27% of its value), the Renault group van flirts with the most affordable price of €14,000. But for this price, no miracle: it will be necessary to settle for a battery capacity of 27 kWh offering a range of 230 km in the WLTP cycle and an anemic power of 44 hp.

Despite its ever-rising price tag, the Dacia Spring still manages to stay below the €15,000 mark when new, minus bonuses. (dacia)

For twice the power, Renault offers its Twingo E-Tech from 23,650 euros. She benefits from the total bonus of 6,000 euros, allowing her to finally go below 18,000 euros. Negative point for it, its small battery of 22 kWh that only allows a range of 190 km (WLTP cycle), but that can be enough for short daily trips.

To complete this trio of the cheapest “watturas” of the new, the management of Volkswagen. The e-Up! is sold from €18,690 minus the bonus. Relative strength, its 32.3 kWh battery for a range of 260 km (WLTP).

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Finally, to stay just below the 20,000 euro mark, bonuses deducted, we can move forward to the Fiat 500e, always sharp, in its 23.8 kWh battery version (190 km of autonomy) and 95 hp .

buy a second hand

To drive a more sophisticated car for less than 10,000 to 15,000 euros, you have to turn to the second-hand market. The cars – registered for the first time more than two years ago – also benefit from an ecological bonus, reduced to 1,000 euros. A quick visit to second-hand websites reveals that the Renault Zoé are legion, with prices starting at 7,000 euros. Be wary, however, because the first generations are necessarily accompanied by the rental of batteries (between 70 and 130 euros per month, depending on the annual mileage). Without battery rental, and at the same prices, come the twin sisters Citroën C-Zero and Peugeot Ion. But with only 16 kWh of batteries and a range of 100 kilometers, they will thrill anyone who is afraid of running out of energy. There are also some Bluecars for around 6,000 euros, inherited from car-sharing systems, such as the Parisian Autolib. In unattractive bodywork conditions and with an even greater defect: the need, when parking, to leave them plugged in so they don’t discharge.

PHOTO FRANCOIS DESTOC / LE TELEGRAM CAUDAN (56): Autolib Bluecar Bolloré electric car in the garage Autopuzz
Bolloré Bluecars sold at the Autopuzz garage in Caudan (56). (François Destoc/The Telegram archive)

Finally, to drive eccentrically, for a check from 10,000 to 13,000 euros, you can let yourself be tempted by a car that was, in the recent past, built near Rennes: the rustic but captivating e-Mehari!

try the rent

Instead of dropping a big nest egg to buy an electric vehicle, the trend today is toward long-term rental (LLD) or rental with option to buy (LOA). For Tesla Model 3 enthusiasts, however, it will cost a minimum rent of €600 per month in LLD, with no contribution. An e-208, will be traded from 149 euros per month but with a first rent of around 4,000 euros, instead of the 25,290 euros you have to pay to become the owner. A Hyundai Kona is offered with a rent of 139 euros per month and after a deposit of almost 3,000 euros. These prices take into account the ecological bonus and a prize of 2,500 euros to store your old diesel. The advantage of these formulas? Usage costs (warranty, maintenance, etc.) are monthly and the car purchase price at the end of the contract is known in advance. The customer can benefit from a new vehicle at the end of the lease by signing a new lease. Disadvantages: it is not the most economical formula available, although the offers are increasingly competitive due to the enthusiasm they arouse. Another weakness of these long-term rentals is the lack of flexibility: you sign for a specific duration and mileage. The bill can skyrocket if the distance is exceeded. The same thing if the car is not returned in excellent condition: repairs must be paid for by the customer… Note that used cars can also benefit from this type of leasing.

Or driving a car without a license…

The most economical solution for riding an electric-powered four-wheel vehicle is to switch to an unlicensed quadricycle… In this category, the Citroën Ami offers an unbeatable price level on the new one: from 6,490 euros, bonus deducted. You can even rent it for 20 euros a month, after a first rent of 2,200 euros…

If the silhouette of a hub on wheels splits, the Citroën Ami concept can appeal to city-bound drivers.
If the silhouette of a hub on wheels splits, the Citroën Ami concept can appeal to city-bound drivers. (Productions Tip)

Its use, from the age of 14, is however limited to the city with its maximum speed of 45 km/h and an autonomy of only 75 km…

How to choose your electric car

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