the electric car more than ever on the way to success

It was 1 pm. Jean-Philippe had come from Dax. Take a look at your application. He had started recharging his car near the Parc des expositions. “96%”, can be read on the screen. “A smooth recharge. He was about to go get her. Not to immediately return to the Landes, because he had not yet finished studying the new exhibitions, but to “free up space”.

High speed progress

A fine example of modern civic mentality. “I don’t have a specific exit, he says, I live in an apartment. But there is a terminal in the square below my house. The fee is quite low, especially if you top up at night. It costs about 2 euros for 100 kilometers. Before, I had a car that consumed 10 liters of diesel per 100. The calculation is done quickly. We just had to make the leap. What he did a month ago.

“The increase in fuel prices is not just cyclical”

But then, why keep asking? Is your purchase not meeting your expectations? “Yes, I am very happy with it. But I will renew it in a year after resale. Technologically, I think it will evolve very quickly. I can already order. He has been thinking about investing in an electric car for a long time. of prices at the pump after the outbreak of war in Ukraine finally convinced him.

Sales double every year

“The rise in fuel prices is not just cyclical,” says Jean-Patrick Teyssaire, founder and honorary president of Electric-Road. “It’s structural. We all thought that what is happening today would have happened anyway. Perhaps not so hastily, but “unfailingly”. The rise of electric cars is accelerating, both for 100% electric and hybrid versions. Market description: “They currently represent 10% of sales, which double each year, and 1% of the fleet in France, or just under 500,000 cars. »

The Electric-Road Show allows you to meet the manufacturers, with the regional debut of some models. Renault, for example, presents the new Mégane E-Tech. Quentin Lassalle of the Villenave-d’Ornon concession confirms the trend. When the price of a liter exceeded 2 euros, “we have a strong demand for everything electric”. Especially in the open doors in March. At “four or five days,” he estimates the number of Zoe who has found buyers at “fifty.” So much for the commercial part, it promised a great success until Sunday.

See you at the end of June

But Electric-Road, it’s its originality, it’s not just a car show. There will be two highlights this year, these four days to start, so from June 29th to June 1ster July, the traditional meeting of experts, communities and business leaders in the sector, now called Seminar and Electric Road Businesses, at the Palais des Congrès in Bordeaux.

Since its creation nine years ago, professionals have gathered there for heated debates about the future of electric mobility, contradictory and fascinating from every point of view. The general public can participate. Much will be said about employment, the changes that this technology implies for many professions. Without forgetting the infrastructures – the “Road” dimension if you can say so.

For Jean-Patrick Teyssaire, these will be true “bases for the streets and roads of the future”. An example of a development under study: “Highways electrified by the ground. It’s not science fiction, it’s advanced science. The batteries can therefore be recharged while driving. “In Sweden, there is a pantograph and catenary system,” he adds. The truck raises its pantograph like a tram. There are already miles of highways that work like this. »

The immediate future is the series of debates organized this weekend at the Electric-Road Show ring. On the program, Saturday and Sunday: “Is the electric car more or less polluting than the thermal car? Do we have enough electricity to power all electric cars? Will the fleet of charging stations allow us to cover long distances tomorrow? How to use the electric car in everyday life? Are there really concrete advantages to using an electric car? The increase in fuel prices is concrete.

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