What role can companies play in shortening the path to gender equality?

The issue of professional equality between women and men remains significant. During the electoral campaign that we have just experienced, Emmanuel Macron expressed the desire to continue during his 2nd quinquennium the actions for gender equality developed under the aegis in particular of the Minister Delegate for Equality between Women and Men, Diversity and Equal Opportunities, Elisabeth Moreno. Isabelle Rome, newly appointed, will have to seek actions to achieve professional equality that reduces a series of social inequalities. What role can the company play, in partnership with the government, to shorten the path to real equality between women and men?

The key role of business in promoting equality

Isabelle Bastide, President of PageGroup France, Spain and Portugal recently spoke at the Harvard Business Review about the driving role that companies have to play, through their HR and CSR policies, to move towards real equality between men and women in the workplace. job. and professional trajectories. ” It is a question, in consultation with the public authorities, of working towards a better balance, with the aim of making all women feel legitimate in their career choices and professional development. »

But concretely, What are the keys to promoting parity in the workplace? Across to trainin mentorship or even the highlighting female modelswe must facilitate the release and expression of female potential and allow women to position themselves in the same positions as their male counterparts “, continues Isabelle Bastide. It is therefore a question, at all levels of the company, of better identifying and supporting female talent and facilitating the projection of women.

the development of women’s networks will also play an important role. In fact, women, unlike men, are still not very present in the networks and circles that facilitate co-optations and access to high-level opportunities. ” To balance this, the challenge is create a greater brotherhood across establishment of women’s internal networks particularly. That’s what we’ve been doing since 2012 through our Women@Page program. ONE Substantive work on internal promotion systems (implementation of an objective evaluation system that allows for equality of opportunity, an indicator to monitor the promotions of the F/F, a program to detect and monitor high female potential) should be at the center of reflections “, adds Isabelle Bastide.

The use of consulting companies accomplish external recruitment of high potential women it is also an interesting approach to striking a better balance.

And how can we today aim for real equality between women and men without raising the question of life balance? Implement a flexibility chart and approach the issue of parity also from the point of view ofLife-span balance and paternity management will allow concrete social progress through the company.

How PageGroup is committed to greater equality between women and men

Collectively, PageGroup continues its internal and external actions, within an ecosystem at the heart of the job market, at the crossroads between professionals and companies.

PageGroup’s commitment to greater equality between men and women in careers is, in particular:

  • SDG #5 “gender equality” of the Global Compact program at the heart of priorities
  • A goal of #full parity within the Group’s Senior Management teams by 2030
  • Equal pay guaranteed for an equivalent position
  • Internal actions to support women’s career development:

Women@Page Program (internal network, mentoring, workshops, conferences and roundtables), interviews before and after maternity leave, encouraging men to take paternity leave, recurrent awareness-raising actions

  • External actions to support candidates in realizing their professional ambitions:

Commitment to Force Femmes since 2010 to support the career of women over 45 (coaching, building bridges between these candidates and client companies, etc.), signing of the #StOpe initiative, an act of joint commitment in the fight against the so-called ordinary # sexism at work from 2018, publication of opinion forums aimed at changing leadership practices, provision of educational content: advisory articles, podcasts, study on the feminization of government bodies for a new leadership, …, event dedicated to career development for women in the presence of inspiring women and the deputy Marie-Pierre Rixain, whose law aimed at accelerating economic and professional equality between men and women was adopted at the end of 2021, developing ‘a #LeadingWomen offer for a proactive management of women’s careers through female leadership coaching, support for the development of #career women at ha pot and access to undisclosed C-level professional opportunities, …

You too can advance on HF equality!

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