“Trouville on the water”, a new way to discover Touques and its coast by boat and without a license

Trouville boats on the water are moored in front of the tourist office. ©DR

On a floating pier located on the pier in front of the Tourist Office, rental boats are moored. At the head of this new activity, Jordan Duprat, 33, who is about to spend a season in which nautical activities take center stage. In fact, after renting jet-skis and zodiacs at the Deauville marina, the young entrepreneur innovates by offering the general public to go up and discover the last kilometers of the Touques before emptying into the Manga. “We are equipped with a floating pontoon that allows us to work about three hours before high tide and three hours after, depending on the coefficients. »

discovering the ringtones

“The first quarter of an hour is dedicated to strolling in an urban environment. You have to leave the city, then cross the artisan zone of Touques and Saint-Arnoult to explore the river in its wildest state. From the first half hour, we arrive at a natural setting where we are literally out of time and far from civilization. And in an hour we reach the last meanders of the Touques before the estuary, there is an unknown and wonderful landscape. » Jordan even advises his clients to go further upriver « to go almost to the Admiralty golf course and, at the bend of a meander, stop to enjoy the scenery. Each of our small boats is equipped with an anchor that allows you to have picnics, have a coffee and spend some time listening to nature. »

In the opinion of those who have already had the opportunity to embark: “this trip on the water is a parenthesis in everyday life, a different moment. In fact, the originality of this mini-odyssey are the Touques. Known to all because it separates Trouville from Deauville, the river reveals almost secret places. Boats offer the possibility to explore. It is a discovery of nature. smiles Jordan Duprat.

Sophie Quesnel
The walk allows you to climb the Toques. ©DR

Pollution-free engines

When Jordan Duprat chose the boats and, in particular, their engine, he was careful to pay close attention to their impact on the environment: “choices had to be made so that the activity did not harm anyone, neither locals nor the fishermen. »

Everything has been meticulously thought out and studied to limit discomfort and optimize pleasure “I changed the pontoon to preserve the launch ramp of the boats so as not to disturb the habits of sailors who come to clean their boats and above all we equipped ours with a small 6 HP stern”

When it came to equipping the boats with a means of propulsion, the project designers immediately and naturally turned to heat engines.

How about an electric motor? “Simply for safety reasons, says Jordan Duprat, given the current at the time of the tides, an electric motor would not have enough power to propel the boat with four people on board. »

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But beware of the ideas received, “a small four-stroke engine does not generate pollution because the outboard, as its name suggests, is out of the water, the only part submerged is the propeller that turns without discharging gasoline or oil into the water. and emitting very little exhaust exhaust.These engines also consume little, just 1 liter per hour.

Sophie Quesnel
The navigators return to the pier with their heads full of memories. ©DR

A starting price of €29 per hour

The boats are also particularly quiet and accessible to everyone, as they can be maneuvered without authorisation. Equipped with an anchor and life jacket, they ensure safe boarding. “We will, after obtaining the necessary permits, place educational panels for school-age children on the benches. They will give you information about the extent of the Touques, where their source is, what they fish there with the different species of fish…”

And for groups, fun scavenger hunts can be organized and should appeal to EVG or EVJ* and workers’ councils.

“Finally, we wanted to be extremely competitive, as we are opening with a starting price of 29 euros per hour for four people”, says the manager of the Trouville nautical base, although it is advisable to board for two hours to make the most of the intricacies of the touches.

Trouville sur l’eau officials also plan to organize cleanup operations on the riverbanks this summer. On these days, the rent will be offered to people concerned with the preservation of the environment and who can combine business with pleasure.

* Events designed to celebrate, among friends, the end of your celibacy

Information and reservations: 07 49 64 64 51 Prices: 1 hour: 29€ | 2 hours: 49€ | 3 hours: €75 website: www.trouvillesurleau.fr

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